Digitalage Introduces SocialSoundtrax™ Suite of Tools for Content Creation

SocialSoundtrax™ enhances the capabilities of the platform via step-by-step, user-friendly tools to add up to five music tracks to your posts.

Hop-on, Inc. (OTC: HPNN) and Digitalage introduce SocialSoundtrax™ which will be available on the up and coming social media platform. Digitalage is listening and delivering the latest technology and easy to use tools for content creation.

Curt Doty, CCO, says, “SocialSoundtrax™ enhances the capabilities of the platform via step by step, user-friendly tools to add up to five music tracks to your posts. Upon launch, Power Users and Casual Users alike can create dynamic and engaging content that will add value to your follower base.”

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With the current popularity of TikTok and Facebook’s copy of Reels, adding music to your posts is a huge trend and with recent deals, Digitalage has licensed more music than either platform.

Over the past year, Digitalage has engineered its own source code for its home-grown platform using the Web3 technologies adding to its already vast menu of capabilities. Once released, Creators and Non-Creators can create, distribute and monetize content easily, rapidly, and most important efficiently. Digitalage’s Workspace will have more robust creator tools as other platforms are trying to vie for creators to stay in their new walled gardens.

Curt Doty continues, “SocialSoundtrax™ is reimagining how to add music to user content to create explosive, attention-grabbing posts. Our goal was to create a graphically driven interface that was easy enough to use but create tremendous results.”

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