ListenFirst Launches Configurable Dashboards

The Addition Makes Social Insights More Customizable And Shareable

ListenFirst, the premier social media analytics solution used by the world’s leading brands, today launched the advanced user experience for the solution’s user interface, including Configurable Dashboards which provide users with the ability to save analysis tiles to a shareable, configurable view. Additionally, ListenFirst launched LinkedIn analytics, which offers owned analytics around a brand’s LinkedIn account for key metrics, including New Followers and Responses.

In creating the advanced user experience, ListenFirst worked hand-in-hand with their customers to ensure they were able to access the data most relevant to their needs in the most streamline fashion, while also introducing modern aesthetics. Configurable Dashboards quickly surfaces the most valuable insights, allowing customers to create specific combinations of ListenFirst data to match their team’s unique use cases and workflows.  Additionally, the new ListenFirst aesthetics introduces a complete re-imagining and redesign of navigation, data visualization, and analysis in the platform.

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ListenFirst used UX measurement standards like the System Usability Scale to accurately capture the lift in user efficiency, satisfaction, and delight; assuring that all the Dashboard changes were directly in service of improving user experience.

“The social media data ListenFirst provides is already a differentiator for our clients,” explained Daniel Cho, Design Director at ListenFirst. “What the Enhanced UI does is elevate the experience of accessing those insights. Executives and marketing professionals now have more flexibility in creating easy-to-update dashboards tailored to their KPIs, and options in terms of sharing those dashboards. Brands are provided with frictionless access to the social data that’s most impactful.”

The recent report, The Forrester Tech Tide™: Enterprise Business Insights And Analytics, Q1 2021, spoke to the importance of “single click” capabilities in leading enterprise BI platforms, and making analytics accessible to a wider audience. “Not only do these [augmented BI] platforms turn business users into citizen data scientists; many also democratize valuable insights to the broader enterprise via a conversational UI — asking questions using NLQ and getting an explanation to answers not just via graphs and charts but also via an NLG narrative of how to interpret the visuals.”

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