Pageloot Talks About the Launch of QR Codes for Social Media

Pageloot launched an easy-to-create QR code generation service that allows you to promote all your social media handles in one place.

Modern problems require modern solutions. Instead of going through every social media platform,  Pageloot has come up with a way to access it all at once.

Social media has unquestionably become a platform to showcase your skills and inform people about your work. There are numerous platforms that have gained popularity over time and now act as a means to let you promote your brand or business with ease. Having said that, Pageloot has decided to launch a QR code that allows you to promote all your social media handles in one place. Short for Quick Response, the name signifies its fast comeback that is all that we need.

The purpose of QR is to allow others to visit all your social pages in one place and increase your engagement and followers. To retain them is your responsibility, but QR codes can drive them to your profile. These codes may not be very standard now because people fail to understand their benefits and effective results.

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Learning the application of QR Codes in different situations –

* Face-to-face event
If you have conducted a physical event or set up a stall at some carnival, you get a printout of your QR code and display it to your audience. This benefits in a way that you can get your brand or business easily in the limelight without saying its name.

* Creating a base with reviews
Reviews and rating is the first thing everyone looks up before getting any service or product. With a QR code, you can ask your customers to post their reviews online and share relevant pictures that can help other people in making their decision. This, in turn, promotes your brand if you get good reviews.

* Sharing with potential or new customers
To retain your brand name and identity, it is important that you keep in touch with your target audience or new customers. A QR code generator can help retain your business’ identity by making all the information available in one place.

Pageloot offers QR codes that are user-friendly, cost effective, well integrated, and most importantly, environment friendly. Just like you use QR codes for various payment apps, you can scan these QR codes with your smartphone’s camera, whether it is Android or iOS.

With so much competition in every sector comes the need to spruce up your strategies. QR codes are one way to increase awareness, stand ahead of competitors, and define your brand in the way you want.

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