[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud Extends Omnichannel CX Leadership with Expanded AI Capabilities and Healthcare focus

[24]7.ai, Inc., a recognized leader in conversational AI for both voice and digital customer engagement, announced several major enhancements to [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud, the industry’s first integrated suite of conversational AI services designed to power both voice and digital interactions. With the April 2021 release, [24]7.ai has extending its leadership in Omnichannel customer experience solutions with powerful new applications, features, tools, and integrations designed to make it even easier to build and deploy world-class customer experience solutions.

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New Features and Benefits of [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud

With [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud, both experts and non-technical users can rapidly diagnose customer intents to build, automate, monitor, and optimize customer service and sales journeys through intuitive, self-serve interfaces. These are some of the key features and benefits that have been added to [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud since the previous release:

  • Three new apps added – [24]7 Active Share, [24]7 Voices, and [24]7 Journey Analytics are now accessible through [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud. These tools all now share the familiar navigation and power.
  • Neural Text to Speech and Speaker Verification – Companies can now integrate a chatbot into their IVR systems, change IVR prompts on the fly, and increase their customers’ security by enabling authentication using voice biometrics.
  • [24]7 Assist for Salesforce – Now available in the Salesforce App Exchange, [24]7 Assist can interact with customers and update Salesforce CRM records from a single user interface.
  • Agent Assist AI – [24]7 Assist includes three options: [24]7 Digital Assist, [24]7 Assist Widget for CRM and [24]7 Active Share. A feature of [24]7 Digital Assist, Agent Assist, provides ready-to-use automated smart responses and natural language-based responses right at the agent’s fingertips. This groundbreaking technology assists customer service agents, enabling them to drive more productive, context-aware, and personalized conversations than ever before.
  • Google CCAI Integration – The Agent Assist feature of [24]7 Assist now integrates with Google Contact Center AI (CCAI) Agent Assist to enable CX agents to surface relevant documents, analyze archived data to diagnose customer concerns, serve up “next-best response” recommendations and more—all in real time. Integrating the world’s leading platforms for conversational AI and the enterprise cloud empowers CX agents to create better customer experiences.
  • Increased Scalability – [24]7.ai has increased the scalability of its [24]7 Digital Assist agent console to handle an even larger number of concurrent agents.
  • HIPAA compliance – We’re excited to announce that our products and services are HIPAA-compliant for our healthcare clients. This gives healthcare providers a simple way to dramatically improve both automated and agent-assisted interactions with patients while maintaining privacy at all times.

“Since the initial release of [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud, companies have accelerated their digital transformation initiatives,” said Lisa Matherly, Vice President of Marketing for [24]7.ai. “We’ve added even more capabilities and enhanced performance, empowering companies to offer the best possible experiences for both their customers and their agents.”

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