Abris.io Launches an Eco-Friendly NFT Marketplace and White Label NFT Solution on the Algorand Blockchain

Abris announces the launch of its curated NFT marketplace and white label NFT solution, built on the carbon-negative Algorand blockchain. As the market for NFTs continues to skyrocket, raising concerns of environmental impact, Abris presents a green solution for minting and selling digital art that prioritizes both the environment as well as the creator, through an easy-to-use platform design and artist-driven profit structure. With the secure, forkless, and decentralized Algorand blockchain as the platform’s underlying technology, buyers and collectors can also be assured that their digital assets will never be replicated or duplicated and therefore that their value will endure.

On Abris, anyone can mint NFTs securely and in a single step. In addition, the platform’s buy, sell, and resell marketplace is curated, with all listing artists and collectibles being fully verified. Artists who are verified to sell on the platform receive 90% of primary asset sales and 5% of all secondary sales, making Abris one of the most creator friendly NFT marketplaces available today. Several notable artists and photographers are already active on Abris, and the team is working with leading galleries to mint their physical and digital art as NFTs and sell them on the Abris platform.

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In addition to the curated marketplace, Abris offers NFTs as a Service (NaaS), a white glove solution to help artists, celebrities, galleries, photographers, and enterprises mint and auction their own NFTs as Drops.

Algorand is recognized as the premier platform to create, launch and manage NFTs given its proven inability to fork, meaning that the network will never split into multiple networks which can lead to the duplication of digital art pieces. In addition, Algorand’s low transaction fees, near instant transaction finality, and decentralization by design ensure a frictionless and accessible NFT experience for both buyers and sellers. Crucially for Abris, Algorand is also one of the only carbon-negative blockchain networks; on top of utilizing a unique consensus mechanism that makes its technology more energy efficient than other blockchains, the network’s small carbon footprint is further offset via a partnership with Climate Trade, a marketplace for carbon credits.

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“We are thrilled to bring this NFT marketplace to the doorsteps of creators worldwide, offering a simple, user-friendly interface to mint, sell, resell and auction their NFTs leveraging Algorand,” said Abris CTO and Co-Founder Babu Ganapathy. “With Abris, barriers of cost and speed are greatly reduced for creators minting NFTs. We have a long roadmap of exciting new features to empower creators and make NFTs accessible to the masses and launching today is an exciting first step.”

“We are excited that Abris chose Algorand as the foundation for its NFT marketplace and NFT-as-a-Service product,” said David Markley, Director of Business Solutions at Algorand. “NFTs present an opportunity for long-term value in the digital economy, and Algorand technology offers the security, decentralization, finality, and low carbon footprint that creators need to ensure that value endures.”

Marketing Technology News: MarTech Interview with Eddie Porrello, Director of Product at Amber Engine

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