Appspace Positioned as the Leader in the 2022 SPARK Matrix for Intranet Platform Providers by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

  • The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix provides competitive analysis & ranking of the leading Intranet Platform vendors.

  • Appspace, with its comprehensive technology and workplace experience platform, receives strong ratings across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions today named Appspace as a 2022 technology leader in the SPARK Matrix analysis of the global Intranet Platform Providers market. The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix includes a detailed analysis of global market dynamics, major trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The study provides competitive analysis and ranking of the leading technology vendors in the form of its SPARK Matrix. It gives strategic information for users to evaluate different provider capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position.

According to Jinu Peter, Analyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “Appspace, with its intranet platform, enables users to connect, communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge anywhere, through a single global platform which increases efficiency. It’s simple and easy-to-use user interface (UI) provides an engaging user experience, while the internal hosting of the intranet platform makes the intranet safe and secure.”

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions rated Appspace across technology excellence and customer impact and also positioned the company as a leader in the 2022 SPARK Matrix of the Intranet Platform Providers market.

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Appspace combines a modern intranet, digital signage, an employee app, embedded apps, and more, to help organizations easily connect people and places. The company’s workplace experience platform also includes space reservations, room scheduling, visitor management, interactive kiosks, and wayfinding.

“Regardless of where and how their teams work, Appspace wants to make sure global enterprises have the right technology to optimize today’s workplace experience,” says Scott Chao, Appspace Chief Growth Officer. “Our modern intranet is one component of our workplace experience platform and this recognition demonstrates our focus on delivering IT simplicity and cost efficiency through a unified solution.”

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions defines Intranet Platforms as a ‘one-stop solution for employees that helps them access all work-related information, easily collaborate, and communicate with colleagues, and consume, create, and share preferred content within the company or to the outside world according to the pre-defined access control and content management policy of enterprises. It also helps employees access various tools and applications required for executing their daily work without switching between applications.’

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Intranet Platforms are new digital workspaces or technology solutions that enhance employee journeys, improve the flow of communication, and bring people together through effective collaboration and communication by means of user-friendly interfaces. It helps people and teams reach their potential with communications, collaboration, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights while helping companies accomplish their digital transformations. It acts as a central information hub with the stickiness of a social network and allows all employees to access the company knowledge base at any time from the desktop, from a home office, or via mobile or smartphone. It also facilitates the real-time sharing of ideas and news in organizations.

Intranet platforms simplify content management and extend the reach of employee communications to frontline workers. It ensures that all employees in an organization can consume, create, and share content as well as interact with each other. It also aids in the development of a culture-focused intranet that fosters one-business culture across the organizations. In short, intranet platforms help employees effectively communicate, share knowledge, and find purpose at work. Furthermore, the pace of adoption of the intranet platform is only set to increase due to the addition of more innovative use cases by different vendors.

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