AUDIENCEX Debuts Admatx, Self-Service Platform That Democratizes DSP Access for Small and Middle-Market Agencies and Brands

Admatx Empowers SMB & Middle-Market Performance Advertisers With Access to DSP Enterprise Technology

AUDIENCEX, the leading performance platform built for omnichannel marketers, today announced the beta launch of Admatx, a major new initiative to democratize industry access to DSP technology ordinarily only available to category leaders and the Fortune 5000. With Admatx, SMB and middle-market performance brands and agencies can now access the power of enterprise-level DSP technology through an intuitive, self-serve platform and without the constraints of monthly spend minimums.

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Experts anticipate that 62 percent of marketers will bring their programmatic media buying in-house by the end of this year, but few of them are fully prepared for the cost and technical knowledge required to effectively leverage these highly complex platforms. Admatx is a powerful new self-serve solution that allows marketers to leverage the best-performing technology but without the need to assemble experienced internal teams and meet significant monthly spend requirements. The company’s self-service platform, a strategic compliment to their core managed-service offering, provides an easy-to-use enterprise-level tool that drives performance and reduces cost.

“Middle market brands are rapidly growing their programmatic ad spend, but they are being forced to do so without access to the best performing DSPs, leading to competitive disadvantage. Admatx changes that. Our new self-service platform will allow marketers to fully manage their own omnichannel campaigns without having to meet budget minimums or become experts in using complex software solutions,” explained Jason Wulfsohn, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at AUDIENCEX.

The appeal of bringing programmatic media buying in-house has continued to gain traction over the last year, with several major brands, such as Chase, Molson Coors and Ally Financial beginning the process of relocating corporate media functions. However most markets are unaware of the magnitude of technical requirements needed to complete this transition, drawn instead to the allure of autonomy and reduced costs. In fact for most, the appetite to adopt in-house programmatic buying has been largely disconnected from the reality of the sizable personnel and financial commitments required. Admatx overcomes these barriers to entry, delivering an immediate high-performing solution for middle market agencies and brands aiming to shift their programmatic operations internally.

“The increasing trend of moving programmatic in-house appeals to marketers and brands who want to have their own hands on the wheel,” said Brian Ko, Chief Commercial Officer at AUDIENCEX. “For agencies and marketers at any given phase of bringing their programmatic buying in-house, Admatx is the perfect solution partner to gain omnichannel DSP access, and create campaigns with enterprise-level results.”

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