Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies Enters the Metaverse

Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies Inc., a leading decentralized network and data storage technology company, announces that it has signed a virtual office services agreement (the “Agreement”) with TerraZero Technologies Inc. (“TerraZero”) on November 8, 2021, to provide Cloud Nine with direct access within Decentraland, one of the leading decentralized Metaverse worlds.

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Cloud Nine’s location is situated across the street from Decentraland’s University. The Company intends to use this location to promote its EdTech Content and Materials consisting of practical and relevant guides to understanding cybersecurity, blockchain technology, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Ownership of land, crypto, wearables, etc. within Decentraland is secured and managed by blockchain and NFTs. In addition, the Company plans to utilize the Metaverse to further establish its propriety virtual private network (VPN) technology where users trade their unused computing power for access to secure Internet access and better privacy. Decentraland is a decentralized Metaverse and management believes its Limitless VPN will provide its users with additional privacy and decentralization who function, play, and operate within the virtual world.

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Over the coming weeks, Cloud Nine intends to finalize the design and plan for its virtual office, including the creation of avatars to assist potential users and customers at its Decentraland office. The Company will announce a grand opening of its Metaverse store front when it is ready and open to the public.

Cloud Nine’s President, Sefton Fincham commented:

“With the changing environment from in-person to online interactions and entertainment, few have taken the leap to bring education to the forefront of Web3. Decentraland is the perfect medium to take this step and we are proud to be one of the first to establish ourselves and products in the Metaverse. There’s been challenges with the current internet experience (video or other web conferencing) in that the experience is not interactive or engaging. Currently, the Metaverse enables interaction and engagement using any mobile desktop or laptop screen, but as augmented and virtual reality matures, proponents anticipate that students will experience the classroom interactively in a similar fashion to the real world. Cloud Nine intends to be not only a leader in Web3 and other aspects of the rapidly changing technology it revolves around but also strive to be a leader in education services within the Metaverse. We believe the store front in Decentraland will also allow us to reach new users for our Limitless VPN and provide extra security and decentralization within this new and exciting technological world. We are excited to be working with TerraZero, a knowledgeable and experienced Metaverse company.”

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