Drift Launches Audiences to Instantly Turn Your Digital Marketing Efforts into a Revenue Machine

New product unifies sales and marketing data so you can engage in real-time conversations now, not later

Drift, the leading conversational marketing platform, announced the launch of Drift Audiences. This is the first solution that unifies your sales and marketing data silos to reveal who is on your website and where, so you can engage in real-time conversations and unlock new revenue.

“There are a lot of tools that can tell you who is on your website, and a lot of others that can give you a report that you can act on later,” said David Cancel, founder and CEO of Drift. “But that’s not enough. With Drift Audiences, we’re bringing all of the data together in one place so you can take action and turn it into revenue immediately.”

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The average company has over 25 products in their sales and marketing tech stacks. Each one solves a unique problem but leaves sales and marketing with data silos that take time to digest and are difficult to combine, making it hard to ensure you’re taking the right action with the biggest impact. And in a world where your website is your storefront, you need to act now.

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With Drift Audiences you can:

  • Drive more engagement from pages with the most traffic: Your web analytics tools tell you who is on your website, but that’s not enough. Drift Audiences tells you which pages are getting the most traffic, how many of your site visitors you’re engaging with, and how many of those are converting into leads. Even better, Drift Audiences allows you to take action on this data so you can create personalized conversations with these visitors in real-time, based on the size of the business, their industry, their location and even on whether or not you have engaged with them in the past.
  • Increase ROI from your marketing campaigns: Drift Audiences will instantly tell you which site visitors are coming to your site from a specific marketing campaign so you can target them with consistent messaging and accelerate conversion to revenue.
  • Give VIP visitors the white glove experience: Drift Audiences allows you to identify target accounts on your website so you can deliver a 1:1 experience, including connecting the account owner so they can engage in a real-time conversation while the account is still on your website.
  • Discover new audiences: You need to be prepared for your VIP target accounts. But what about the opportunities you don’t even know you’re missing? Drift Audiences will proactively discover new audiences that are coming to your website and empower you to take action, opening up a new stream of qualified leads.

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