Ignitetech Acquires Leading Knowledge Management Platform Answerhub

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Asset Acquisition Expands IgniteTech’s Suite of Communications and Remote Engagement Solutions

IgniteTech, the company “Where Software Goes to Live™,” announced the asset acquisition of AnswerHub, Inc., a powerful knowledge management platform built to capture, curate, and distribute the expertise of developers and technical teams.

AnswerHub enables experts to share their insights and best practices across teams, growing and connecting communities of experts to share knowledge internally and externally. Using multiple avenues for knowledge sharing — from Q&As to knowledge bases and user-generated content — users can find answers to their pressing questions right away from the best subject-matter expert.

“AnswerHub has been leading the knowledge management space for over a decade, and we’re thrilled to add the solution to over 60 enterprise software products,” said IgniteTech CEO Eric Vaughan. “Whether enabling community leaders to share their knowledge peer-to-peer or helping development teams improve their productivity and code quality, AnswerHub truly democratizes knowledge for its customers. With IgniteTech’s track record of driving innovation post-acquisition, AnswerHub customers should be thrilled as well!”

AnswerHub also eliminates repetitive tasks like responding to routine support tickets and internal chats, allowing teams and top talent to focus on the business and technical priorities that matter most. Customers using the AnswerHub platform are empowered to accelerate the speed and improve the quality of their development activities while increasing team “cross-skilling” to reduce the learning curve on projects.

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“We’re proud of what we’ve built and the customer relationships that have powered AnswerHub’s reputation in the developer-focused knowledge management space,” said AnswerHub CEO Terry Waters. “We’re now excited for IgniteTech to build on that foundation and do what they do best — innovating on the technology they acquire to deliver more value to customers. We’re confident AnswerHub has found the right home in the software industry to take the platform forward.”

AnswerHub’s software will strengthen and expand IgniteTech’s suite of Communications and Remote Engagement solutions, including AlertFind, a multichannel emergency notification system, and Sococo, a remote work solution that enables distributed teams to work side-by-side in a virtual office. The new addition will also continue IgniteTech’s record growth in 2022, with the IgniteTech software library now housing 60+ solutions across all industries, markets, and technologies.

As part of the IgniteTech Unlimited program, the groundbreaking, Netflix-style licensing model, every IgniteTech and incoming AnswerHub customer will have full access to the entire IgniteTech solution portfolio — at no additional cost. Watch the video here to learn about the value this program offers, which can save organizations thousands of dollars in licensing fees.

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