Impartner Launches Channel Economic Stimulus Package to Help Channel Programs

Streamlined Channel Ignite solution designed to be ‘digital transformation’ in a box to speed time to market

Impartner, the world’s fastest-growing, most award-winning pure play Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and channel management platform provider, today announced an Impartner Channel Ignite PRM package specifically tailored to help companies stimulate the performance of their channel in this historically challenging business environment. Channel Ignite is designed to have companies up and running with a PRM in record time, helping channel teams manage their channels in the face of dwindling people and financial resources, and help extend their businesses through partners on the ground where direct travel is no longer feasible for the foreseeable future.

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Everything companies need to kickstart their channel

“Across the world, we’re talking to channel chiefs who are scrambling to survive in this period of history that simply no one has ever faced before,” said Impartner CMO Kerry Desberg. “What we know for sure is that while resources and travel are limited, the pressure to have the channel deliver like never before has increased. That goes for existing channel operations and for companies who are just starting a channel because partners put feet on the street in markets where they can’t be. Channel Ignite is designed to be ‘digital transformation in a box,’ easing the path to make the technology leap many companies have long considered with everything companies need to kickstart their channel and grow as they go.”

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As part of the Channel Ignite package, companies can be up and running in a matter of weeks on Impartner’s multi-award PRM platform with everything needed to stimulate their channel — with a scalable solution that can grow as they grow. Options in the package include the company’s core PRM solution plus the company’s Training and Certification and Co-Branded Collateral solutions — and the newly released Channel Intel+ business intelligence package with unlimited reports and the ability to schedule and share reports, and Journey Builder, the industry’s first solution which makes it possible for companies to choreograph every step of a partner’s journey and accelerate their time to revenue. Click here to learn more about Impartner’s Channel Ignite package and here to see why one social business software giant and Impartner customer said without the solution, they would be looking at “adding 10 to 15 channel managers to gain the same amount of production.”

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