O’Neil Digital Solutions Secures Leadership Position in Aspire’s CCM-CXM Service Provider Leaderboard

ONEsuite Platform Provides a 360° View of Customers for Deep Insight for Engagement.

O’Neil Digital Solutions, the nation’s leader in Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Customer Experience (CX), is pleased to announce their position as a leader in the CCM-CXM Service Provider Aspire Leaderboard, a dynamic, digital-first, positioning grid that ranks service providers across the CCM and CXM industries.

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The Aspire Leaderboard helps enterprises analyze both CCM technology vendors and Service Providers based on their capabilities and vision. It provides a rich and relevant vendor evaluation experience for companies, particularly new buyers within line-of-business functions and marketing roles.

O’Neil’s leaderboard position is based on an evaluation of strength of strategic direction and strength of capability.

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O’Neil offers a comprehensive end-to-end CXM solution which relies on extensive data analysis to optimize the accuracy and impact of communications. The provider’s 60-year legacy is steeped in collecting, aggregating, and analyzing data in order to apply the intelligence and insight it provides. O’Neil’s history as an investment management and data research company grants it a unique perspective on consumer behavior and a distinctive skillset in predictive analytics. O’Neil Digital Solutions harnesses that expertise and brings it to bear throughout a CXM platform (ONEsuite) that is engineered to influence consumer action through customer communications.

“With its ONEsuite solution, O’Neil Digital Solutions combines strong execution in CCM with the ability to drive towards its overall CX vision. With a third of its 1,000 employees working in IT alongside an experienced team of data scientists, the provider has proven it has what it takes to help its customer successfully transform static, outbound print-centric communications into omni-channel experiences that drive higher business value. Businesses managing high-volume member communications, plan participants, or other regulated communications, and those having issues with evolving their best-of-breed internal infrastructure to facilitate their evolving customer needs should consider an end-to-end provider like O’Neil.” – Aspire

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