Robotic Process Automation Deployments Prove Better Customer Experience and Higher Revenue Growth

RPA needs to be part of a cross-organizational plan for automation, as it can improve business results with efficient processes and employee satisfaction, finds Frost & Sullivan

With enterprises across industries seeking elegant, seamless, and effective solutions that will improve business processes, the global robotic process automation (RPA) market is expected to grow to more than $2 billion by 2020. Deployments in contact centers are growing strongly due to RPA’s ability to reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies. RPA-integrated contact centers can help improve the customer experience (CX) as well as the employee experience while driving revenue growth. RPA can also positively spur collaboration across business units (BUs) and enhance operational efficiencies.

Frost & Sullivan‘s white paper, The Intelligent RPA Revolution with Process Discovery, presents the ways in which RPA can drive meaningful digital innovation and business outcomes in contact centers. It analyzes the value of Kryon’s Process Discovery™ solution, which streamlines the planning and implementation of automated work processes.

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“Companies need to consider establishing a cross-organizational strategy when it comes to RPA,” explained Stephen Loynd, Digital Experience Global Director at Frost & Sullivan. “Enterprises need to carefully assess the situations in which automation is appropriate, the applications that are already successfully automated, and, finally, review and assess RPA initiatives across the organization on a regular basis.”

“Kryon’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered full cycle RPA platform offers quick deployment of robust, scalable, and cost-efficient virtual workforces for global enterprises,” added Julie Shafiki, Chief Marketing Officer at Kryon. “Our specific approach to RPA involves identifying processes with Process Discovery, deploying automation, and leveraging smart analytics to optimize performance and achieve organization-wide processes. Kryon’s smart analytics engine provides the actionable intelligence required to fuel continuous process optimization.”

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Kryon’s solution helps companies get more out of their legacy systems by automating the rekeying of data between systems. Some of the specific benefits of Kryon’s Process Discovery tool include:

  • Visibility, Immediacy, Scalability: Provides insight into business processes to reveal opportunities for automation. Kryon Studio immediately generates automation workflows for each process it identifies. After a process has been automated, Kryon robots continue to gather analytics and pursue continuous process optimization over time.
  • Advanced Visual Recognition: Robots collect essential data on employees’ work processes in real time and create detailed process maps about user actions.
  • Software Compatibility: Offers an approach fully compatible with all types of software, due to visual recognition.
  • Empowered Employees: Business users are empowered to manage an entire process in a relatively short time.
  • Information Security: Robots gather information on-premise from employees’ computer screens rather than requiring third-party access to system event logs. The number of people who have access to sensitive information about processes within a company can also be limited.
  • Lower Costs and Higher ROI: Lowers the costs associated with identifying processes manually or through third parties, as well as costs related to the deployment, development, and management of RPA.
  • Quick Deployment: Customers glean benefits from Kryon’s RPA after a mere 3-5 weeks and discover business processes within only a few days.

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