SmartMedia Technologies Launches First Ever Carbon-Negative Smart NFTree

Brand Partners with Fjällräven and OneTreePlanted to Plant a Real Tree for Every Virtual NFTree Planted in the Metaverse

SmartMedia Technologies (SMT), a leader in Web3 and blockchain solutions since 2018 and creators of the first SaaS platform that enables agencies, brands and creators to build self-serve, no code, drag and drop NFT digital experiences using their proprietary Smart Web3 wallet, in tandem with the timeless, durable and functional outdoor brand Fjällräven, announced today the launch of the first ever Smart NFTree: a geo-aware, 3D virtual tree that can be planted in any Web3 environment and admired in Augmented Reality.

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As more and more consumers explore the metaverse, Fjällräven is focused on bringing nature to people wherever they are – including digital and mobile-first users – and protect the Earth along the way. Together with OneTreePlanted, a nonprofit organization focused on reforestation, SMT and Fjällräven are matching every virtual tree planted with a real tree – an increasingly important natural carbon solution that helps protect the real natural world.

Minting an NFTree to the SMT Smartchain is carbon neutral as the blockchain validators operate the nodes consensus algorithm on servers that run on 93 percent renewable energy. The remaining seven percent is offset by carbon credits, making the entire activation carbon-negative. Every Smart NFTree is minted to the Enterprise BlockV Mainnet, a public and permissioned carbon neutral blockchain that uses renewable resources to mint NFTs.

“SMT has built its business on a green platform, and NFTrees serve as a great tool to involve environmentally conscious consumers who want to engage with NFTs and in Web3 environments,” said Tyler Moebius, CEO of SmartMedia Technologies.

“With NFTrees, we can engage and educate users that may not actively seek nature in their daily lives,” said Steve Stout, Senior Director of Global Direct to User at Fjällräven. “Not only will this inspire people to explore nature outdoors as well as virtually, but we’re helping to protect the real environment along the way.”

Consumers can acquire NFTrees from a QR code via a TV ad, billboard or social post. Once acquired, Fjällräven will airdrop their Smart NFTrees into retail stores to be picked up in a virtual scavenger hunt, allowing users to engage with their Smart NFTrees for coupons, prizes, or flowers that blossom from the tree.

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Smart NFTrees leverage the SmartMedia NFT brain framework, which allows each tree to grow at its own rate in an augmented reality based on external triggers such as social posts with the hashtag #SmartNFTreeSpring and text messages. The more users share and engage with their trees, the more they will grow. Users can collect, view, and interact with their Smart NFTrees via a Smart Web3 NFT wallet that works on any device or operating system.

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