Undertone Expands its Synchronized Digital Branding Offering to Connected Television with Alphonso Partnership

Cross-Screen Synchronized Digital Branding Now Possible Through Connection of Alphonso’s Video AI-Driven User-Level TV Viewing Data and Undertone’s Publisher Platform and Breakthrough Digital Ad Creative

Perion Network Ltd. announced that Undertone, a leader in cross-platform Synchronized Digital Branding for the world’s most prominent brands, and Alphonso, the leading TV data company that is relied on by marketers, agencies and broadcasters for mission-critical metrics, are partnering to bring together Undertone’s award-winning digital creative capabilities and premium reach with Alphonso’s large-scale TV viewership data. The combination will allow brands to create Synchronized Digital Branding experiences, personalized across digital screens and platforms, at scale.

@AccessUndertone and @AlphonsoInc team up to synchronized digital branding experience for marketers using TV data

“Brands recognize that world-class customer experiences begin with personalization – which demands consistent experience across screens and platforms,” said Raghu Kodige, chief product officer of Alphonso. “That’s why we are partnering with Undertone, to give brands the ability to increase engagement by connecting real-time TV viewership data with Undertone’s high impact display ad formats and supply footprint. Together we expect to scale TV-retargeted ads across display formats.”

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The average US consumer watches 3 hours and 35 minutes of television per day, breaking that up with 6 hours and 35 minutes each day across different digital devices*. Sophisticated marketers are well aware of this behavior, but struggle to create a consistent messaging experience. This is largely because the ability to connect user-level data – for seamless synchronization across TV to high-impact digital ad formats – has not been available. With the new Undertone and Alphonso partnership, no longer do marketers have to settle for inferior, time-based ad sequencing strategies.

“Undertone has pioneered Synchronized Digital Branding as the only real solution to the chaos of digital fragmentation,” said Doron Gerstel, CEO of Perion. “The integration of television viewership data from Alphonso is a significant, cross-platform step forward in our mission. We are thrilled to be partnering with them to combine the power of data, creative and broad reach across platforms.”

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With this partnership, Undertone can now leverage user-level viewing and exposure data, powered by Alphonso’s Video AI, to intelligently sequence campaigns – using the optimum ad format – across hundreds of high-quality publishers and mobile apps. For consumers, this delivers a more seamless and strategic experience far superior to otherwise disconnected campaigns that don’t account for a viewer’s daily device-shifting habits. Marketers can follow a TV exposure with the right digital message that is built on Undertone’s formats and developed by its internal Pixl Studio.

By activating Alphonso’s user-level television ad exposure data through its creative high-impact display ad formats across hundreds of high-quality publishers and mobile apps, Undertone is delivering on the promise of true personalization and full-funnel effectiveness. This innovative channel harmonization will enable marketers to gain deeper insights into the value of their TV campaigns, thanks to enhanced dashboards and reporting tools.

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