Vocalize Enables Businesses to Easily Gain Higher Direct Traffic

Vocalize Enables Businesses to Easily Gain Higher Direct Traffic

Vocalizemysite.com Offers a Direct Way for Customers to Reach a Business’s Website or Phone Number

New branding technology, Vocalize, changes how consumers navigate the internet and how companies approach SEO. The innovative patent-pending solution allows businesses to create a “wormhole,” where prospective clients or customers jump directly to the company’s website or connect through the company’s customer service phone number instantly. This prevents businesses from losing customers to competitors in traditional search engines.

“There were numerous times when I would hear or see an ad for something I liked but couldn’t remember the website, company name or the word to text to some random phone number – leaving no choice but to use a web search to find a company,” said CJ Silva, Founder of Vocalize. “We created Vocalize to offer a better way to connect to businesses.”

Vocalize is like speed dial when it comes to products or services on the internet. Consumers may hear or see a simple word or phrase that is unique to a company or brand on billboards, on the radio, in streaming commercials or anywhere and simply say it in the Vocalize app. Without having to remember long URLs or random phone numbers, consumers are directed to a company’s landing page, tracking page or phone number.

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Companies choose keywords or phrases that are memorable and related to the products or services provided. Once a keyword or phrase is chosen, a company can see if its available through the Vocalize database and then lease it or bid on it through the auction system if it is owned and not renewed. The service may be regionalized to a specific state where users are located or be nationwide. The company then chooses the destination for the wormhole, which could be a promo page with a coupon, a home page, a landing page or a customer support phone number.

After a wormhole is set up through Vocalize, the company can simply state its wormhole phrase or keyword to current and potential customers through advertising. Because consumers don’t have to remember cumbersome web addresses or phone numbers, they will be more likely to find the business they hear about.

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During its pre-release period, Vocalize had 10,000 users sign up. Now, the marketing company is offering free wormholes for brands, companies and agencies for a limited time by using the promotional code “WORMHOLE” at checkout.

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