Magnite Research Reveals Three out of Four EU5 Households Tune Into CTV

Magnite’s “CTV Is for Everyone: EU5 2021” study examines the rapid growth and changing preferences of the European CTV audience

Magnite, the world’s largest independent omnichannel sell-side advertising platform, today unveiled its latest report “CTV Is for Everyone: EU5 2021”. The research, carried out across the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, reveals that 78% of European audiences watch CTV, making it an essential element of TV planning for advertisers. The research also showed that the CTV audience as a whole strongly represents the region’s population and captures a representative audience across age groups and language preferences with greater efficiency compared with traditional TV.

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“European audiences now move seamlessly between traditional TV and CTV viewing. With a change in audience composition and viewing habits, now is a critical time for brands to better understand how to reach these addressable audiences and the ways they consume content,” said Edward Wale, Managing Director CTV, EMEA at Magnite. “Our findings will equip advertisers looking to extend their audience reach beyond the barriers of traditional TV services to reach viewers with relevant advertising in their preferred viewing environment.”

As CTV viewership increases, the audience mirrors Europe’s regional profile
Across the EU5 markets, between January 2020 and May 2021, CTV consumption increased by 55% while traditional TV viewing rose by only 17%. As CTV adoption has grown, its viewers better match the regional profile, reaching representative levels of all age groups, whereas traditional TV audiences skew older and under-deliver against younger audiences.

Advertising on CTV drives higher ROI
TV advertising offers an effective pathway to reaching both incremental audiences as well as consumers who are more likely to buy products based on advertising than their traditional TV counterparts. Over half of CTV viewers said they are more likely to pay attention to personalised ads, compared with one third of traditional TV viewers. Additionally, 23% of CTV viewers made a purchase after being exposed to an ad compared with only 12% on traditional TV.

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Additional key takeaways:

  • CTV is not limited to the constraints of language and location in the same way traditional programming is. More CTV viewers watch foreign-language content than traditional viewers.
  • 54% of CTV viewers who also use social media platforms are not watching professionally produced content on social platforms – they typically watch CTV for that type of content. Only 26% of CTV viewers are likely to pay attention to a video ad on social media.
  • Brands that thoughtfully reach CTV viewers with messaging in line with their interests, values, and lifestyles are 80% more likely to be paid attention to.

Magnite commissioned Statista, a world-renowned research provider, to conduct an online survey of 5,000 people across the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy (1,000 per country) aged 16+ including the 65+ age category, who watch television regularly (at least seven hours a week). To increase the number of interviews within the “CTV only” target group, an additional boost sample of 200-280 respondents per country within the “CTV only” target group was collected to ensure proper representation.

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