Alida Launches Synchronous Video Capabilities and Optimizes TXM Platform

Spring 2022 product release delivers customer-led enhancements to build the total experience

Alida, a leader in Total Experience Management (TXM), today delivered its Spring 2022 product release. Released today are Video Discussions (a new integrated synchronous video capability) and 12 new features to the Alida TXM Platform.

“Today’s release continues to propel Alida’s aggressive growth and further solidifies our place as a Visionary leader in the customer experience (CX) space,” said Riaz Raihan, Alida’s President of Products & Engineering. “In today’s global climate, it is imperative that organizations use video to deeply understand their customers. With Video Discussions, our clients can gauge customers’ sentiment by connecting with them via online interviews and digital focus groups.”

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The Spring 2022 product release enhancements provide customers with the ability to:

Gain deeper qualitative insights into customer perceptions with online interviews and focus groups through Alida’s new product, Video Discussions

  • Segment, schedule, and track participants, prepare for, and conduct live video in-depth-interviews and virtual focus groups
  • Leverage auto transcriptionand save key moments with a click of a button to uncover themes and sentiments to associate positive, negative, and neutral feelings with specific statements and video moments
  • Use the highlight reel generatorto stitch together powerful video summaries to humanize customer stories with all stakeholders, to build customer empathy, and influence strategic business decisions
  • Unlock deeper and richer insights into customer perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes to build exceptional customer experiences

Improve productivity for faster insights and faster actions

  • Iterate on deployed Touchpoint activitiesin real time without disruption to the respondent experience and data collection
  • Use Touchpoint’s APIto integrate with the organization’s existing tech stack and augment workflows and minimize the time-to-insight
  • Create charts in seconds with Analytics’One-Click Dashboards, which are refreshed every 5 minutes with new data
  • Utilize Analyticsto export crosstabs to a Microsoft Excel file and include significance testing and weighting results in the report, speeding up analysis
  • Better understand data with new Dashboard chartsin Alida’s Mobile App
  • Bookmark activities and dashboards in the Mobile App to directly access them in the navigation page

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Enhance respondent experiences to increase response rates

  • Provide an engaging experience for Surveyand Insight Community (formerly known as Sparq) respondents by enabling them to rate preferences with star, heart, and thumbs up emojis
  • Provide Survey andInsight Community users a more visually appealing and intuitive survey interface
  • Use enhanced question typesincluding single choice sliders and dropdowns, numeric sliders, allocation, highlighter, and embedded content in video feedback and appointment booking
  • Display a progress barfor Touchpoint activities and provide participants with the ability to skip questions
  • Easily customize Touchpoint activitiesto the brand’s visual requirements using Touchpoint’s activity builder

Better understand customer sentiment and context  in more languages

  • UseInsight Community to share Hub and newsletter content in Arabic and Hebrew to drive stronger end-customer engagement
  • Analyze text in 11 different languages, including Arabic, with the Text Analytics solution

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