RhythmOne Receives Recertification of Trustworthy Accountability Group Seal for “Inventory Quality Guidelines” and Earns New “Certified Against Malware” Seal

RhythmOne plc, a global advertising technology company, announced it has received its 2019 seal recertification from the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) for compliance with TAG’s Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG). This recertification affirms that RhythmOne is utilizing IQG disclosures for ad inventory to help partners understand and limit their ads to brand safe environments. In addition, RhythmOne also received its initial TAG Certified Against Malware Seal for its efforts to eliminate the distribution of malware throughout the digital advertising supply chain.

“Brand safety is our paramount concern, and we take very seriously our leadership role in championing quality inventory and eradicating malware throughout the ecosystem,” said Khaled Ahmed, Director of Compliance, RhythmOne. “The onus to protect the digital ad ecosystem is a collective effort, and we are proud to work with like-minded partners to offer the highest levels of inventory quality in a clean, transparent marketplace. We look forward to continued participation with TAG as we help to define emerging ad quality standards and requirements, and introduce more anti-fraud, anti-malware initiatives through their committees.”

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“Our growing recertification programs are due to the leadership and support of companies like RhythmOne that clearly prioritize initiatives to improve transparency and fight criminal activity,” said Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG. “RhythmOne’s dual seals demonstrate its commitment to providing high-quality inventory in environments that are free of malware. By meeting the rigorous recertification requirements of TAG’s IQG program and receiving TAG’s Certified Against Malware Seal, RhythmOne is setting a high standard for brand safety.”

RhythmOne: 2019 IQG Seal Recertification

The mission of the IQG Program is to reduce friction and foster an environment of trust in the marketplace by providing clear, common language that describes the characteristics of advertising inventory and transactions across the advertising value chain at four points in the transaction process: inventory acquisition, inventory evaluation, creative evaluation, and transaction execution. To qualify for annual IQG recertification, TAG requires RhythmOne to vet publishers manually and perform a quarterly audit to help ensure publisher properties continue to be ranked and categorized by content category properly. Furthermore, TAG reviewed and approved RhythmOne’s policies and procedures regarding onboarding new publishers and advertisers, complaint handling and resolution, and methodology.

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RhythmOne: 2019 Certified Against Malware Seal

The mission of the TAG Certified Against Malware Program is to prevent, mitigate and remediate malware events using the digital advertising supply chain as an attack vector. To qualify for the seal, RhythmOne certified its compliance with TAG’s anti-malware requirements, demonstrating that all of its material operations related to ad monetization services within a particular geographic market meet the relevant requirements of TAG’s Certified Against Malware Guidelines.

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