Gartner Report Names Storybulbs as “Cool Vendor” in Personalization for 2018

Storybulbs Drives Customer Success through Personalized Videos

Storybulbs, the company which helps brands engage and connect with customers using Personalized Videos, is proud to announce that it has been named as a “Cool Vendor” in the Gartner Cool Vendors 2018 Report.

Gartner, a globally renowned research, and analysis firm has selected new Cool Vendors in key areas of technology and published a series of reports. The reports evaluate innovative and interesting vendors in digital marketing and commerce that are enabling stronger customer relationships through personalization.

Storybulbs is constantly evolving with the change it brings about in personalization patterns by changing the way brands interact with customers. This makes each individual journey customizable using data and interactions. Brands can create individual messages and offers which provide value for each customer at a micro level. This technique helps brands drive higher conversions, reduce customer churn and increase brand loyalty.

The rise of video marketing has increased the scale of generic content. This is when Storybulbs steps in and allows brands to create personalized videos for each customer journey; these are specially designed for the individual with images, text or even an audio voice-over.

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Why is Storybulbs ‘Cool’?

Storybulbs derives its ‘cool’ status from its ability to let customers quickly step into the personalization template designed specifically for the hospitality industry and with integrations which have numerous marketing platforms.

The Storybulbs interface is familiar and user-friendly to anybody that has video experience. The enabled drag-and-drop function brings about customized personalization. The power to fully personalize every aspect of the video is exactly why Storybulbs is the go-to platform for users. This includes everything from Video, Audio, Text, Graphics, Images, and HTML. These personalized elements can also be passed by data into the platform, by scripting data from external APIs.

Who is it for?

Customer success, marketing teams and leaders who are seeking to experiment with existing video-content or in-house creative talent can experiment with Storybulbs. Others who wish to integrate personalized videos into their email and digital campaigns should also consider working with Storybulbs.

As a video engagement company, Storybulbs helps improve brand loyalty and engagement by creating real-time individual relevance through each video created.

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