Jamyr Raises $200K to Help Recruiters Quickly Create Engaging Video Content

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SaaS firm Jamyr joins TinySeed accelerator to boost its video editing and delivery platform

Jamyr, a company that offers video communication technology for recruiting and onboarding, announced today it raised $200,000 from the TinySeed accelerator program.

The funding and TinySeed’s collaborative network will aid Jamyr in its mission to help businesses create compelling video content that builds meaningful connections.

“We believe that video content is more engaging and effective in building connections than just words on a page — it’s a gateway to more meaningful conversations,” said Jamyr co-founder Jen Paxton. “TinySeed is the support we need to develop our own skill set and grow faster than if we were embarking on this journey alone. It’s been the differentiator of us growing slowly versus growing at a rate that we think will scale and help us to succeed in this rapidly changing market.”

Jamyr offers an on-demand video editing and delivery platform that helps recruiters communicate with candidates or new hires. The platform scales video content with customizable playbooks, video editing automation, and products that integrate with social media, career sites, job postings, and more.

Recruiting and onboarding is typically a manual, time-consuming process. Automated video content not only helps cut down on time spent but generates higher engagement and better message retention. It also helps save money on expensive production costs that video companies charge businesses.

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As competition for talent continues to grow, Jamyr helps businesses meaningfully connect with candidates to make a lasting impression as well as to help new hires with the onboarding process. On average, viewers retain 95 percent of a message by watching video compared to 10 percent by reading text, according to a survey by INVISIA.

“Businesses are spending significant time and money on recruiting efforts that often fall short,” said Rob Walling, General Partner at TinySeed. “Jamyr solves this problem with a robust video platform that helps businesses attract and train the talent they need.”

Jamyr co-founder Brian Mooney and Jen Paxton were inspired to build the platform after years of frustration in the recruiting space. They both continually saw that video production for recruiting was slow, expensive, and fell to the bottom of the list. As a result, they set out to build a solution that ensures businesses — ranging from startups to enterprises — could effectively create video content that helps their teams grow.

“We believe every company should be using video content to tell their story to candidates because it is a powerful way to deliver a message and a preferable way for people to learn throughout their decision-making process,” Paxton said. “We’re excited about building automation around the process so our customers can spend more time connecting with candidates in real life.”

About Jamyr: Launched in 2021, Jamyr was co-founded by Brian Mooney, Jennifer Paxton, and Richard Mooney. Jamyr offers video editing and distribution tools for recruiting and onboarding, saving recruiters time and money.

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