MarTech Interview with Maurizio Angelone, CEO at DigitalReef

Maurizio Angelone, CEO at DigitalReef chats about a few mobile and online marketing practices in this short Q&A:


Welcome back to this 2022 MarTech Series chat series, Maurizio, we’d love to hear about some of your most recent innovations/acquisitions in 2022 and how they are changing the game for your core product/service…

Thank you! Most recently, DigitalReef announced that it has acquired connected television advertising platform Column6, unlocking the connected TV experience for our network of mobile carriers and app publishers. The proprietary technology behind the Column6 platform and exchange exclusively supports CTV/OTT focused advertisers. It is also at the forefront of an exploding opportunity for global brands and publishers.

Column6 joining the DigitalReef family connects viewing audiences in Canada and the US with DigitalReef’s network of more than 3,000 publishers and carriers through DigitalReef’s marketing platform, DR-ONE. Having the ability to engage with and reach key audiences through video and over the top (OTT) content gives DigitalReef customers a massive advantage. The streaming market will continue to evolve, and this combined platform presents tremendous opportunities for mobile network carriers especially.

How do you feel mobile ad and mobile marketing models need to evolve today to drive better results?

DigitalReef has welcomed the new cookie-less environment and additional privacy policies, but these changes have clearly created a new world where first-party data are critical.

First-party data not only allow marketers to reach the right consumer and deliver better campaign results to advertisers, but also to deliver value to consumers through the engagement journey. If you are not building in ways to obtain first-party data from your consumers, then your mobile marketing model is going to fall behind quickly.

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Can you share a few highlights on some top brands you have come across that have some well thought out mobile ad and marketing processes/campaigns in place?

There are a few aggressive fintech and ecommerce app publishers whose marketing initiatives have been particularly successful, growing their user bases and keeping their consumers engaged using a well-rounded mix of marketing solutions focused on the four key enablers: acquisition, activation, engagement, and retention.

What are some of the top trends that come to mind for 2022 and beyond when it comes to evaluating and predicting the immediate future of the mobile advertising and marketing space?

Digital marketing represented more than 50% of total ad spend in 2021, and that trend is continuing in 2022, with mobile taking more of a leading role for performance marketing. App publishers are also using more sophisticated techniques in addressing their user bases and investing in retention and CRM. The smartphone is becoming the first screen–and sometimes the only screen–for new generations, making it the center for content consumption, including more traditional mobile services, as well as TV streaming media, and OTT.

As martech and B2B marketing evolves, what kind of martech and marketing practices do you feel will become more crucial to marketers?

AI and inferring techniques are becoming powerful tools to better understand consumers and profile them into sophisticated addressable clusters.

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DigitalReef connects more than 350 million registered devices with more than 3,000 active partnerships with brands, publishers, and carriers. It delivers rich audience targeting and segmentation through aggregation of first- and third-party data. Headquartered in Miami, it operates in 10 countries, with offices in major urban centers including São Paulo, Brasília, Mexico City, and Bogota. For more information, visit

Maurizio was previously Vice President, Americas at HMD Global, where he helped establish its newly launched smartphone business unit in North America and Latin America. Formerly Co-Founder of IU and prior executive roles include Motorola, Nokia, and My Screen Mobile.

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