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VIDDO DONATE: Charity in Focus

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A Social Media for Charity – Offering Solution for Donors and Donatees

VIDDO is offering an innovative solution for giving and receiving donations, while meeting the requirements of our digital age. The video platform has been developed further in the past few weeks to create a basis for the cooperation of charitable organizations or projects on one side, donors and fundraisers, typically stars, celebrities, opinion leaders or media, on the other. VIDDO is a vehicle to make donations, but more than this, it is a long lasting link, a means of communications and a social platform between donors and charitable persons, too.

‘Social media is part of our life. However, you may not find even one among the many social media channels that has done something in the field of social responsibility. I see the future of VIDDO in becoming a digital charity platform. It is developing to a social media platform which is used by donors for giving back to society and for making its charity engagements transparent. This may also serve as an example for your peers’, VIDDO founder and CEO, László Tamás says.

VIDDO as a platform creates a continuous communication platform between donors and donates. If a charitable fund is creating a video summarizing its goals and objectives and uploads it to VIDDO, donors may support it by simply watching the video. Donors are allowed to share others’ contents and by involving others they may become fundraisers themselves.  Using VIDDO, content owners can collect the donated money in cash.

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‘It was clear from the very beginning that VIDDO helps creating an emotional relationship between content creators and users. This link between the video maker and the viewer might be based on a common, important objective: maintaining a shelter for dogs, helping diseased children or even supporting a startup or a talented kid. Those in need may find a good chance on VIDDO. Our slogan is: VIDDO=Video Donate. Watching a video may make people fall in love with issues for which they are prepared to donate some money. They will have the feeling to something good while getting something in return in form of a video’, László Tamás added.

An important element of the system are fundraisers, VIDDO’s ambassadors who may attract and involve a lot of people for a good cause through their personal network. They raise funds by sharing its video on their own social media channels– and the money is going to their chosen organization through VIDDO.

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Technically speaking, VIDDO has transformed its platform according to the new goals. As a result, users may donate not only the ‘price’ of a video, but even more, simply by clicking one of the ‘Donate’ buttons.

‘We are looking forward to welcoming everybody on VIDDO, be it a fund or organization supporting those in need, a talent seeking for money to be able to develop, an athlete or disabled athlete looking for sponsors – or a donor or fundraiser on the other side. A large number of our partners told us: Finally, this is what we have been waiting for, for such a long time. This is a social media platform exclusively for good causes’, László Tamás said.

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