Avoid 29% of Frustrated Customers: Add a Personal Touch to Your WORDPRESS Website

Avoid 29% of Frustrated Customers: Add a Personal Touch to Your WORDPRESS WebsiteCustomer service plays a big role in any company’s journey to the top. The advent of social media has complicated the way customer service used to work a decade ago. We can now broadcast our experiences to the entire world. Ergo a single instance of bad customer service can be detrimental to the reputation of your business. Even the best of us make mistakes when dealing with frustrated customers.

Avoid 29% of Frustrated Customers: Add a Personal Touch to Your WORDPRESS WebsiteHow you choose to approach these negative customer experiences is the real question. But it doesn’t come with a universal solution that can be used to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We can only learn to identify and rectify bad customer service cases as soon as possible.

Think about it, with a customer-friendly experience, you can make the customer feel important and establish a personal connection that can ensure that you get repeat business from satisfied customers. In the next section, we have compiled some useful tips so that you can get a personal touch with your visitors:

How to add a personal touch to your website?

Currently, customers’ perception of your brand is being fuelled by your Customer Service team. You may already be aware that conversions can scale up with Personalized Marketing. In the same way, you can win a life-long customer by personalizing customer service.

Consider the case of Starbucks, you order, and the barista writes your name on the cup. It is a simple gesture from a layman’s point of view. It doesn’t seem to be related to satisfying your thirst for coffee. In actuality, it is about building a personal connection. It enables the barista to greet customers by their name. If you are a regular Starbucks customer, chances are the barista will remember your name. While you may not have consciously thought about it, such simple gestures automatically make you a loyal customer to the brand.

While there are thousands of tools available online, we understand how difficult it can be to pick the best fix to personalize your modern website.

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We have compiled a list of actionable ways to prevent bad customer service, get a personal touch with your visitors, and win their trust.

1. Live Chat for Customer Service

Nowadays, customers demand instant help to their queries, and calling or emailing support isn’t fast enough. This is why getting the best WordPress live chat plugin is essential. Irrespective of the scale or size of your business, if you choose the right plugin, you can capture leads and supercharge your sales.

Live chat for customer service can help you in managing tickets and resolving customer issues by anticipating what the customer is going to type and assisting you with canned responses. Apart from real-time visitor monitoring, WordPress live chat plugin can drive personal interaction even further using post-chat feedback. When a customer feels that they are being heard, they’ll automatically get aligned to your business.

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

While some chat plugins also come with a built-in CRM, you can use specialized CRM solutions to get invaluable insights on customer service and engagement.

Many new tools are being developed and released every day so you must analyze and try before you finalize one. CRM can help you know more about your customers, their location, favorites, purchase history, etc. This way, you can send personalized follow-ups to customers with attractive offers and thoughtful reminders. You can also use CRM to collect feedback and avert bad customer service.

3. Personalized Rewards and Loyalty Program

The best way to retain your customers is to create a system in which they get rewarded every time they take the desired action. For instance, if you have an e-commerce website, then you can reward your customers based on their purchase. Purchase based reward system is also one of the most popular loyalty program already being used by some of the world’s most famous e-commerce platforms.

4. Customized Product Recommendations

Have you ever seen the recommended products on your favorite shopping websites? If you answered yes, then you are already familiar with the use of custom product recommendations. You can further engage your customers by displaying user-specific information on your website, such as most popular products, highest rated products, recently ordered products, recommended products based on customers browsing & purchase history, etc. Create an appealing customer experience using plugins that offer custom product recommendations based on customers’ interests.

When customers visit your website and find relevant recommendations in fewer clicks, they save a lot of time, which leads to faster conversions. This can not only help drive new customers but can also boost your sales manifolds.

Dealing with Frustrated Customers Isn’t Impossible

To ensure positive word of mouth and engage happy customers isn’t rocket science. Adding a personal touch to your website is like adding the cherry on the cake. You may be already working fine without it, but if you do offer a personalized experience, then it can work wonders in terms of customer loyalty. Choosing the right tool for your website can have a great impact on your customer support service.

Whether you use only the WordPress live chat plugin or employ all four listed above, you can confidently avoid 29% of frustrated customers with these easy tools.

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