AdPlayer.Pro Video Ad Tech Company Reveals Ad Execs’ Perspective on the State of Online Video Advertising

AdPlayer.Pro, a global provider of advanced outstream video advertising solutions conducted a survey of digital video ad professionals, which sought to take a snapshot of the industry’s perspective on the current state of the digital advertising landscape.

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Namely, AdPlayer.Pro identified:

  • 8 in 10 respondents are satisfied with their business results in 2020, compared to initial expectations, and more importantly, 95% of them are optimistic about 2021 achievements.
  • 9 in 10 believe programmatic video advertising remains the key trend to dominate the industry this year, whereas 4 in 10 also name content & contextual targeting, and 30% believe first-data platforms will play a greater role in 2021.
  • Over 75% of respondents would be willing to adopt OM Web Video SDK, implement CATS and “Shared Inventory” support in ads.txt this year, while only 40% will be also focusing on the adoption of sellers.json and schain in 2021.

As for the industry challenges, some of the most serious ones are issues related to data privacy (35%), tech issues with ad placement implementation & setup (18%) and video production costs (20%).

As Anton Liaskovskyi claimed, the key survey insights enable suggesting the online video advertising market is likely to undergo yet another rapid ascent in Q3 (Q4) 2021 – 2022. “The industry has bounced back from last year’s downfall, and the majority of companies are expecting somewhat a business boost in the upcoming months,” he explained.

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“Another great news is, the majority of businesses are ready to invest more time and effort into the implementation of industry-wide standards in order to secure higher transparency across the supply chain and ensure better ad fraud protection, hence greater revenue,” he added.

The survey consisted of forty media buyers and ad-ops specialists from the key enterprise partners of AdPlayer.Pro.