Immersive Ads – VR Format is the Next Big Thing of Advertising

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YuMe Inc., a multi-screen video adtech company, released the latest infographic-report on consumer experience towards immersive ad formats. The report reveals the attitude of consumers towards immersive ads published on mobile Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and 360-degree video formats. The survey results highlight the fact that consumers are hyper-engaged and super-attentive with immersive advertising. Consumers who have experienced adtech like VR consider the format as a revolutionary platform to engage customers. Nearly 63% of the VR ad viewers accept that marketers should use these technologies more effectively, as it is the “next big thing” of advertising.

via YuMe, Inc.
via YuMe, Inc.

Immersive technologies in advertising encourage marketers and brands to analyze consumer’s perception towards VR, AR and 360-degree videos. 51% consumers are more likely to get attracted to a brand that uses VR to promote its services owing to its innovation-centric strategy. Brands that embrace immersive technologies are considered more innovative than those who don’t use them. Hence, consumers are more inclined to pay extra attention to their ads.

According to the report, immersive technology is not a disruptive adtech. Instead, it is a trending, mass-market category that almost 89% of consumers are aware of. 29% of such consumers have even tried VR, AR and 360-degree video ad formats at least once. VR, undoubtedly, is the most well-known and most readily recognized immersive technology, followed by 360-degree video and then AR. Comparing the stat results between VR and 360-degree video, almost half the respondents feel that the former immersive technology will play a bigger role in providing sponsored content.

Early adoption holds the key for brands deploying immersive technologies. More than 50% consumers believe that both VR and 360-degree videos help create engaging customer experiences.

As consumers begin to fall out of love with native advertising formats, the latest study on the role of immersive technology in advertising is a shot in the arm. Ad blocking notwithstanding, immersive technologies have the potential to build enormous opportunities for brands to engage consumers in an unprecedented way.

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