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Voxpopme Integrates Affectiva’s Emotion AI to Enhance Video Research Analytics

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Video survey specialist Voxpopme has announced its partnership with Affectiva, the leading emotion measurement technology company. Marketers can now extract key insights from their research campaigns using video snippets with enhanced emotional analytics. Affectiva’s Emotion AI software will now be available with Voxpopme video insight platform. It will enable marketers to meticulously analyze facial expressions within videos, converting it into powerful emotion data. Users of Voxpopme’s video insight platform can leverage video-emotion data to quantify human expressions during video feedback.

Voxpopme offers a readily available video research platform that can be accessed and scaled easily. Complementing Voxpopme’s swift video insight, Affectiva’s patented Emotion AI technology will deliver emotion metrics and bionic data based on facial expressions revealed across multiple research projects.

Voxpopme’s partnership with Affectiva is a significant step towards technology-powered video research. As millions of videos are streamed per day across all video and social media platforms, this collaboration will make it easier for researchers to identify high-value consumers and their behavior towards video ads.

The prospect of Voxpopme and Affectiva integration brings facial coding into prominence in understanding unfiltered responses by consumers. Affectiva’s Emotion AI is built on cutting-edge Deep Learning concept which has analyzed 4,824,543 faces so far, allowing researchers to derive unique insights from their video ad campaigns with the highest precision.

Emotion AI and facial coding can transform martech landscape in 2017

Affectiva is the only marketing-centric Emotion AI solution provider. In fact, it offers Emotion as a Service to marketers, who use the data to measure emotion-enabled online customer experiences. Based on advanced emotion analytics, marketers can integrate the emotion data with their existing data platforms to derive high-value customer experience feedbacks.

Reports suggest how consumers react differently to various ad channels. The same consumer may show higher engagement with video content compared to others.  Facial coding in video ads can unlock a plethora of opportunities for marketers to study how consumers during the decision-making processes.

Affectiva introduced Emotion as a Service in September 2015 with an idea to revolutionize emotion-sensing and consumer analytics capabilities, yielding accurate results at a very low operational cost. By partnering with Voxpopme, Affectiva has managed to achieve much of its objective, ensuring marketers have accesses to Emotion AI at a low cost of integration.

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