Accenture Acquires Altitude to Enable Companies Leverage IoT Opportunities

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Accenture has acquired Altitude, a Boston-based design, and innovation consulting firm. The latest acquisition will enable Accenture to leverage Altitude’s years of experience in curating innovative products and experiences that resonate with wide range of customers, both B2C and B2B.

Altitude is known as an award-winning product developer, integrating the fine nuances of technology, design and customer experience together. Over the course of time, Altitude has helped its customers turn novel technology into a cutting-edge product. Altitude at Accenture will play a big role in unifying Accenture’s Connected Product Lifecycle Services practice in North America to rest of its technology research. It will enable researchers and product developers to create innovative capabilities for companies working on IoT, AI, automation and other business models with high-growth revenue streams.

Accenture acquired Altitude to enhance its market visibility in contemporary digital technology domains, specifically Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). Altitude brings its far-reaching product innovation into Accenture’s power-packed consulting expertise. Accenture intends to offer connected products in a hyper-personalized marketplace to its customers.

The Altitude team will join Accenture workforce at the Connected Products Studio in Boston – an emerging technology hub for IoT, AI and other martech innovations.

According to Accenture’s research on use of IoT in business strategies, 73% companies are yet to include IoT in their investment budgets. Apart from driving long-term growth for businesses, IoT market is pegged to become a very stable service-based income stream. IoT as a disruptive technology is redefining the model of product-based business models.

Rapid growth of wearables, VR, AI and chat bots are forcing marketers to explore strategic martech innovations to drive their campaigns. Accenture’s Altitude acquisition adds more weight to the company’s mission to provide end-to-end capabilities to its clients, enabling them to become disruptors and innovators quickly at much lesser failure risk.

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