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Cloud-based SaaS platform AdGreetz launched a fully personalized video corporate website, It is world’s first personalized video website that offers seamless access via Facebook Connect or user data. The website enables marketers to view and personalize their marketing campaigns for diverse brands on a single screen.

AdGreetz website is offering integration with popular social media and digital media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and OTT/Television. It also enables marketers to partner with leading brands for running hyper-personalized ad campaigns, engaging customers across all video advertising platforms. AdGreetz website is an alluring opportunity for marketers, brands, and influencers to get more personal with their audiences with an expansive range of capabilities.

To see what AdGreetz does, the user has to log in with the Facebook profile. The user can then explore the full scope of personalization possible in ad campaigns. At any point of engagement on, the user is free to engage with the videos published by previous clients and analyze possibilities of personalization. AdGreetz offers end-to-end SaaS platform capabilities to the user, opening possibilities to create engaging and smarter medium to communicate with consumers based on 1:1 interactivity.

Currently, the website features AdGreetz’s collaboration with brands including Amazon, InterContinental Hotel Group, Disney, Toyota, Google, Forever 21, HBO, Etihad Airways and West Elm. Given the wide range of branding channels available to marketers, leveraging SaaS-powered personalized website platform is a high-ROI opportunity in 2017.

Video advertising in 2017 is expected to generate more than $10 billion. By 2020, this figure will climb to $28 billion. This makes video advertising as the fastest growing martech element on web and app. AdGreetz’s personalized video corporate website is a smooth platform to boost video ad sales and drive more click-through rates and conversion rates with further personalization in the marketing stack.

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