SpotX Doubles Down on Digital Video Advertising Safety, Granted Renewal on All Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) Certifications

Video Advertising And Monetization Platform Strengthens Its Leadership Role In Brand Safety

SpotX, the leading video advertising and monetization platform, announced that it has been granted certification renewal by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) for all official seals including the Certified Against Fraud Seal, Certified Against Malware Seal, the Certified Against Piracy Seal, and the Certified Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG) Seal.

TAG is a first-of-its-kind cross-industry accountability program designed to eliminate fraudulent traffic, combat malware, prevent Internet piracy, and promote greater transparency across the digital advertising supply chain. This week’s recognition underscores SpotX’s ongoing commitment to fight fraud and improve brand safety in video advertising.

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As fraud and brand safety issues persist within the advertising industry, SpotX has taken a leadership role in proactively establishing brand safety best practices, including the creation of a dedicated in-house brand safety team as well as licenses with several anti-fraud vendors and a ‘Keeping It Clean’ social hashtag campaign to promote its stance.

SpotX also actively removes unauthorized traffic and aggressively encourages its clients to implement an ads.txt file, the IAB Tech Lab’s technical solution for publicly declaring which companies are authorized to sell digital inventory, thereby combating fraudulent activities in the open market.
To meet TAG’s rigorous standards for its anti-fraud program and ensure industry compliance, SpotX completed several steps including using domain list filtering, data center IP list filtering, and implementing TAG’s Payment ID protocol. Additionally, SpotX scans 100 percent of all inventory running through its platform to comply with TAG’s Certification programs, most of which is carefully examined by an actual member of SpotX’s brand safety team.

Mike Zaneis
Mike Zaneis

“As digital advertising evolves, fraudulent practices continue to be a challenge for the entire industry. SpotX has demonstrated leadership in going through the rigorous process necessary to achieve all four of TAG’s seals, and we are pleased to announce these renewals across all four programs, as they join a growing number of industry leaders taking the concrete steps necessary to fight crime and improve transparency across our supply chain,” said Mike Zaneis, CEO at Trustworthy Accountability Group.

SpotX has been a member of TAG since its inception in 2015 and participated in the IAB’s Quality Assurance Guidelines program starting in 2011.

“Brand safety has always been a key cornerstone of our platform and is a critical part of enabling our clients to buy and sell media in safe environments with full transparency. To eliminate fraud, the industry must band together and we are honored to be recognized again by TAG for our brand safety efforts,” said J. Allen Dove, CTO at SpotX and one of the founding members of the IAB’s ads.txt initiative and its subsequent revisions which are currently in development.

Known for its leading position in the convergence of digital video and traditional television, SpotX offers media owners a trusted modern ad serving platform to monetize across desktop, mobile, and connected TV devices. SpotX also offers both buyers and sellers programmatic capabilities, holistic inventory optimization, and granular reporting with actionable insights for more transparency and informed control.

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