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SundaySky Releases Next-Generation Advertising System that Strengthens Brand Safety, Increases Viewability and Combats Ad Fraud

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New Updates Help Ensure Brand Safety and Increased Customer Engagement at Scale

SundaySky, the company that combines the power of personalization with the emotion of video, announced a series of enhancements for ad viewability, fraud and brand safety within its advertising suite. The company has strengthened its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and added more safeguards to its verification processes to avoid questionable or fraudulent ad placements online, ensuring maximum customer engagement and the delivery of personally relevant and value-rich video ad experiences in brand safe environments.

Samantha Merlivat
Samantha Merlivat

“Fraud, viewability, and the limited supply of premium inventory were recurring answers when we asked marketers what keeps them up at night,” according to the September 2017 Forrester report, “Marketers Clear The Path To Omnichannel Buying” by Samantha Merlivat.

The damage to brand equity and consumer confidence can be catastrophic if brands neglect to address advertising quality – via anti-fraud, viewability and brand-safety efforts. While SundaySky has been proactively addressing advertising quality for years, these new SmartVideo enhancements are designed to maximize quality consumer interaction and eliminate waste. SundaySky is one of the earliest adopter of ads.txt, working within the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines and its publisher partners to help shape industry standards across the entire media supply chain for personalized video advertising.

SundaySky technology renders data-driven personalized video in real-time on behalf of the largest marketers in the US. The company has created and delivered more than 2 billion personalized and unique video ads, resulting in more than 4 million hours of qualified video engagement. Its AI algorithms continuously self-learn and improve upon themselves to precisely buy the highest quality video inventory and bid for the right to serve ads to people most likely to take the next best action.

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Key AI enhancements to the SmartVideo algorithm include:

  • Ad viewability measurement to understand the impact on performance with partner integrations such as DoubleVerify, Moat and Integral Ad Science;
  • Combating fraud with anonymous user profile scoring, URL blacklisting and IP blocking, and ads.txt integration to enable direct purchases from authorized media partners; and
  • Enhancing brand safety with URL whitelisting, blacklisting and keyword blocking.
  • “Fraud threatens the true intent of a brand’s ad, which is to connect, retain and engage consumers. SundaySky’s advanced AI capabilities help ensure that nothing gets in the way of delivering a high-quality, relevant video for every moment that matters,” said Mark Flaharty, Chief Operating Officer at SundaySky. “Trust and transparency are more critical than ever in our industry and we’re committed to ensuring both with our customers every day.”

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