Four Ways to Improve Your Facebook Video Marketing

Even though Facebook has moved away from being the cool, young kids’ platform and more towards a mature, adult audience, it’s power as a social media platform is still undeniable. While video sharing sites like YouTube and Tik-Tok are dominating the younger audience, Facebook video marketing still commands attention as a form of promising video content sharing. Videos precede higher engagement rates, and when paired with the massive user scope and a video-biased algorithm, Facebook becomes a video platform rivaling its trendier competitors. Laid out below are four ways your brand can improve your Facebook video marketing.

  • Give your audience something to learn. Teaching your audience something new is a key strategy for increasing views and engagement. Cooking, life hack, political, and fun fact videos are some of the most viewed ones on Facebook, and they all have an educational spin on them. Utilize this trend to your brand’s advantage and give your audience a smart take-away from your content.
  • Use Facebook as a direct video sharing platform. This means uploading your video content directly to Facebook rather than through another platform, like YouTube or Vimeo. Videos posted directly to Facebook’s servers have higher engagement rates than those that aren’t, likely pushed by Facebook’s algorithm and the site’s high potential for large organic reach.
  • Pay attention to the length of your videos. Carola Jain, Spartan CMO, understands the value of short, sweet content. Facebook Video content longer than 2 minutes is less likely to be viewed from beginning to end, so don’t bother investing in an extensive, 5 or 10 minute content piece. Instead, focus on creating quality short content that gets to the core of your brand’s mission in a short period of time.
  • Optimize your videos for mobile viewing in order to gain more engagement and attract the massive amount of mobile Facebook users to your content. Carola Jain, CMO of Spartan, knows that this means utilizing compatible video formatting, such as vertical videos rather than square ones. If you’re going for more cinematic content, horizontal video aspect ratios must look great on a phone screen. Ensuring the best possible viewing experience for anybody who’s going to see your video will bring in higher views and a better foundation for your content.

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Facebook video marketing is a platform that can reach millions every day. It’s high time for your brand to take advantage of this platform’s massive scope for your own exposure. Start producing the best video content your brand can manage and watch how your company reap the benefits.

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