Spectrio Equips QSRs With Top Marketing Technology To Drive Sales

Spectrio Provides One-Stop-Shop Solution to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Spectrio, one of the leading end-to-end technology-enabled audio and video marketing company, has innovated top-tier marketing services aimed to increase customer satisfaction and drive sales in QSRs and restaurant concepts across the nation. Adding technology marketing tools such as Digital Signage, Overhead Radio, On Hold Music and Messaging, and Wifi Marketing is essential upgrades and improvements that QSRs must embrace to meet customer expectations and keep up with competitors in the space.

Greg Duss

“The restaurant industry is as competitive as ever, with brands seeking new ways to drive unit-level economics and outperform the competition. Our new-age digital marketing services are geared to align our clients with their customers to maximize satisfaction and revenue. Spectrio is unique in that we provide services beyond the product – we’re a full-service marketing company providing clients with turn-key installation, content creation and management, custom updating, and innovative technology that delivers a clear brand message,” said Greg Duss, Chief Revenue Officer, Spectrio.

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  • Digital Signage: Clearly communicate messages to consumers that are not missed or overlooked, leading to more engaged customers and increased average unit volume. This includes digital menu boards, digital walls exhibiting LTOs, and more.
  • Overhead Radio: Playlists are customized and created for “Brand fit music,” that matches your brand’s persona and can increase restaurant sales. The psychology behind the music can directly influence customer behavior and drive bottom line sales.
  • On Hold Music and Messaging: This tool is a hack for great customer service and also increases call retention, builds brand awareness, motivates callers, presents professionalism, drives customer traffic, and helps cross-sell products.
  • WiFi Marketing: This newly added service is a location-based marketing tool that transforms guest WiFi into an engaging customer experience. Depending on each restaurant’s marketing goals, this service can be utilized for email marketing and texting, customer engagement through social media platforms, or geo-fencing.

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Spectrio’s customized services have greatly impacted more than 67,000 clients including renowned restaurants brands such as Subway, Popeyes, Pizza Inn, Pei Wei, Long John Silvers, Cold Stone and Brixx Wood Fired Pizza.

Spectrio offers more than just marketing services and equipment, it is a full-service advertising agency that creates, installs and manages content with a layered messaging approach. The brand utilizes a process that has been developed through decades of delivering premium marketing solutions, ensuring the highest level of quality is achieved in every aspect of the client’s marketing goals. Retailers can select from services including On-Hold Messaging, Digital Signage, Overhead Music and WiFi Marketing, aimed to increase marketing success and drive bottom line sales.

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