Video Platform Connatix Partners with Wibbitz to Make Video More Accessible for Publishers

Connatix, the Next-Generation Video Platform for Publishers, Today Announced a New Partnership with Wibbitz to Increase the Selection of Quality Video Content Offered to Publishers in Connatix’s Content Marketplace

Connatix, the next-generation video platform for publishers, announced a new partnership with Wibbitz to increase the selection of quality video content offered to publishers in Connatix’s Content Marketplace. Videos produced with Wibbitz’s automated creation platform will now be available to Connatix clients, enabling them to enhance their content offering with professional videos around breaking, trending, and timeless stories.

Historically it’s been challenging for publishers to scale video without heavy upfront cost and time investments in video production. With U.S. digital video consumption projected to exceed 80 minutes per day per person in 2019, publishers are looking for solutions and partners to help them rapidly scale video content production, distribution, and monetization. The collaboration with Wibbitz now gives current Connatix publisher clients access to quality and timely video content at no additional cost, improving user engagement and website performance. Publishers producing video on the Wibbitz platform can seamlessly push video to Connatix for efficient distribution and monetization of their content.

“Having great video content is an extremely powerful way to engage with readers, but, to keep content free, publishers need to be able to monetize it,” said Gil Sommer, Head of Product at Connatix. “With this partnership, we are continuing to grow our content marketplace across verticals making it easier for publishers to augment their content with video and add new streams of video revenue.”

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From its inception, Connatix’s mission has been to help publishers deliver successful videos without compromise. By creating the Content Marketplace and continuing to add fresh content, Connatix has created a cost effective end-to-end solution for publishers that simplified the once complex process of video monetization.

Wibbitz supports publisher’s efforts to establish a successful video strategy by making professional video production quick and easy through its automated video creation platform. Publishers can produce original videos that meet their brand standards in minutes, significantly reducing time and costs to improve video effectiveness and expand monetization opportunities.

“Over 50 percent of publishers name video as the most essential aspect of their editorial and monetization strategies and, although our partners produce a rich collection of video, we’ve seen that the monetization piece can be a challenge,” said Zohar Dayan, Co Founder & CEO of Wibbitz. “By leveraging ready-made videos created by our in-house team of video producers, publishers can instantly upgrade their content library and better engage their users. We’re excited to bring these two solutions together to help more publishers find success with powerful video storytelling.”

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