Amazon Prime Video versus Netflix: Understanding The Two Streaming Service Providers

Founded way back in 1997, Netflix is clearly the veteran and arguably the most popular online streaming service. Now, after two decades, there are plenty of online streaming services competing against the streaming giant. One of those services is Amazon Prime Video. However, Amazon’s Prime Video is more than just a streaming service. Let’s see what are the differences between the two online streaming service providers.

Video Format

Netflix’s subscription model offers three format viewing experience. It offers Basic (480p), standard (1080p), and Premium (2160p or 4K). The price increases as per the selected video format. On the other hand, Prime Video offers an annual subscription model with the highest quality possible, which means included 4K. Both of these services offer HDR support and Dolby Atmos, which Netflix users have to pay for premium plans to avail of.

Both Netflix and Prime Video are supported on all major platforms. These even offer their apps for the majority of streaming devices including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Number of Streams

Both Netflix and Prime Video have a limited number of simultaneous streams going on a single account. Netflix, as per the plans, offers:

  • Basic — One stream only
  • Standard — Two simultaneous streams
  • Premium — Four simultaneous streams

Prime Video lets users stream up to three devices at once. However, users can only stream the same media on two devices at once. Netflix, however, lets the users stream the same content on four devices at once.


Herein, the selection of the streaming service totally depends on the user as per their watching requirements. For instance, Amazon offers a lot of movies when contrasted to Netflix, and Netflix has a better library of TV shows. Some of the popular original Netflix series include Stranger Things, The Witcher, Orange is the New Black, while Amazon has The Boys, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Jack Ryan. Hence, the choice here totally depends on the user.


Netflix varies its price as per the three-format subscription model. The prices are:

  • Basic — The Basic streaming plan costs $8.99 per month
  • Standard — The Standard streaming plan costs $12.99 per month
  • Premium — The Premium streaming plan costs $15.99 per month

On the other side, Prime Video charges $12.99 for a monthly subscription, $119 for an annual basis, and prime video membership at $8.99 a month.

Prime’s Additional Benefits

While watching their favorite content, Prime Video users can also take advantage of additional perks offered by the e-commerce giant. Amazon offers Prime Shipping for anything ordered from Amazon. It also bundles in a free music service Amazon Prime Music. Moreover, users can avail of unlimited photo storage, Kindle lending library (free e-books), and even discounts at Whole Foods Supermarkets, owned by Amazon.

Netflix has stood the ground for being the most popular streaming video service. In addition to having a huge library, it features some of the biggest names in Hollywood. On the other hand, Amazon offers video streaming, music streaming, fast shipping, and Kindle at a single price. Users can opt for either as per their requirement and their budget.

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