Wibbitz Launches Studio and WAVI, Meeting Brand Demand for Enterprise-Class Video Creation and Automation

New Offerings are a Major Inflection Point for Wibbitz as Brands Integrate Video Across Business Strategies and Shift Creation In-House

Automated video creation company Wibbitz announced the launch of Wibbitz Studio and the Wibbitz Automated Video Interface (WAVI), two major new product and feature releases intended to support brands as they continue to bring creative production in-house and to integrate video as a strategic business lever across all aspects of their organizations. Each new offering gives brands the freedom to effortlessly create professional short form video in minutes, facilitated by automated video production technology, and to deploy it across multiple use cases, including marketing, social media, corporate communications, events, recruitment and within their own products or services. In an era of discerning and savvy audiences consuming highly visual content 24/7, Wibbitz equips brands to create and distribute high quality video across any internal or external channel, completely on the fly.

“Over the past several years, Wibbitz has been at the forefront of bringing a host of automated video-firsts to market ”

Today’s launches come on the heels of exceptional growth for Wibbitz in the automated video creation market it helped pioneer. Wibbitz projects 60 percent year over year new revenue growth in 2020, and was ranked #8 on Deloitte’s 2019 list of fastest growing technology companies in North America. With 600 customers creating 40,000 videos per month, Wibbitz has become a clear video creation platform of choice for marketing and editorial teams at brands like Bloomberg, HubSpot, S&P Global, Live Nation, Conde Nast, NBC Universal, Meredith, and Travelink by American Express.

“Over the past several years, Wibbitz has been at the forefront of bringing a host of automated video-firsts to market ,” said Zohar Dayan, CEO & Co-founder, Wibbitz. “From establishing style trends like text overlay to popularizing vertical video, we’ve introduced video creation innovations that have catalyzed both industry trends and incredible customer growth. While publisher, marketing, and agency teams remain core to our business, we’ve seen steady growth and diversification in how enterprises are leveraging our video production technology to make meaningful connections with the audiences they care about. Today’s launches will support this growth and reinforce our position as the automated video creation company of choice.”

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In addition to its new online video creation platform, Studio, Wibbitz has expanded its product suite to include two API products in response to market demand for more integrated and customizable video creation solutions. WAVI (launched today) and Lightbox (launched Summer 2019) enable enterprise businesses to build video creation capabilities into existing workflows, products, platforms, and incorporate video more broadly across their communications and processes. These new offerings from Wibbitz give enterprises more flexibility in how they can deploy video with minimal resources, while greatly reducing costs.

Wibbitz Studio Details

Wibbitz Studio is a comprehensive ground-up rebuild and redesign of Wibbitz’s core video creation platform, formerly branded Wibbitz Control Room. After more than a year in development and a sustained beta testing period across customers including Daily Mail, RAND Corporation, Bertelsmann and iHeartRadio.

Wibbitz Studio is designed for easy multi-team use across large, distributed enterprises. Wibbitz’s reimagined automated video creation tools meet the needs of in-house teams. With easy-to-use video editing tools supported by automation, Wibbitz Studio allows teams a high degree of creative liberty and control, ensuring that any video that is produced in Studio is not only on brand, but that it has the capacity to impact audiences on an emotional level. Major Wibbitz Studio features include:

Studio Editor: is comprised of four powerful video creation and editing consoles – spanning across text, media, music, and styling elements. The Studio Editor allows for full creative collaboration, versatility and control without sacrificing speed or quality.

Templates: helps teams avoid creator’s block with custom templates designed to guide and inspire.

Instant Preview: enables teams to preview every scene or entire videos in real-time.

Useability Enhancements: three times faster performance and rendering, undo / redo / autosave, drag-and-drop storyboard, image animation control and more.

Branding Suite: ensures brand identity and consistency with brand colors, fonts, logos, transitions, intros, outros and more.

110M+ Licensed Media Assets & Soundtracks: allows access to a full asset library from providers like Getty, Unsplash and Storyblocks and Bertelsmann Music Group.

Top Stories: helps teams quickly cover current events and trends with editorial video content produced by the global Wibbitz Creator Network.

Optimization: deploy videos across any platform or channel with one-click conversion to landscape, square or vertical formats, deploy videos across multiple platforms, get support for multiple brands, multiple languages or global strategy.

Accessibility: login to the Studio from anywhere in the world with just a web browser and make video creation accessible to everyone on a team, even across multiple departments or offices.

“The easy collaboration and templatization tools available in the Wibbitz Studio have really upped the bar in terms of what we’re able to accomplish within our team,” said Kristen Moledo, Director of Communications, Wiley. “Over 60 people across our marketing and internal communications teams are now able to churn out tons of videos that fit our brand design standards, by using templates we’ve created for a variety of different use cases: how-tos, product promos, talking heads, and even brand-level, more narrative-driven storytelling. With Wibbitz, we’re not only able to better engage our audiences, but further empower our employees – through the content that we’re producing at such a high level, and by giving them the power to create these videos in the first place.”

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Wibbitz Automated Video Interface (WAVI) Details

Alternatively, WAVI is ideal for enterprises with business objectives less dependent on full creative freedom, and more focused on scale and resource reduction by implementing a fully-automated video strategy. WAVI allows businesses to leverage their own structured proprietary data and content assets to power fully-automated video creation at scale. To convert existing data and content assets into professional videos that drive attention and engagement, brands can simply:

● Determine video template structure and design, including storyboards, scene structure, brand elements, special effects, and more.

● Leverage existing data and content assets to inform the media and text elements of each video

● Connect their data feed to the Wibbitz API, and go.

WAVI enables enterprises to improve engagement, performance, and revenue by making video central to their content and user experience strategies.

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