Absolutdata Earned Vendor Neutral Certified 100 Standing on Elite List of Sales Tech Vendors After Rigorous Review

Absolutdata’s NAVIK SalesAI Solution Certified in “Account & Opportunity Planning” Category

Absolutdata, a leader in delivering scalable business impact through AI-powered solutions, advanced analytics and data science services, announced that the company is now included on the Vendor Neutral Certified 100, an elite list of sales tech vendors. Following a rigorous review, Absolutdata’s NAVIK SalesAI solution was certified in the Account & Opportunity Planning category.

The rapid proliferation of sales technology solutions makes it difficult for companies to find the software they need to increase sales. Vendor Neutral, an organization that was created by top sales thought leaders Nancy Nardin and Dan Cilley, provides unbiased guidance to help companies navigate available technologies by vetting solutions for inclusion in its Vendor Neutral Certified 100. The organization also provides a SalesTech Stack Selector tool that sales technology buyers can use to find vendors with capabilities that align with their objectives and priorities.

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After a thorough review process that included evaluation of the solution and a series of interviews, Vendor Neutral published a profile of Absolutdata’s NAVIK SalesAI solution. It describes the solution’s key capabilities, which help sellers: keep close dates current with predictive update suggestions; focus on processes and priorities with AI-driven “next best actions;” stay current on opportunity details, accounts and leads from every system; know who is involved in opportunities and monitor trends; track changes in deal status; and convert customer value to shareholder value.

The profile also listed several key performance indicators (KPIs) benchmarked through Absolutdata’s work with clients in a variety of industries, including consumer goods, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, financial services and telecom. KPIs include: increase in annual revenue of 4%-8%, more quotas exceeded with AI- and machine learning-driven guidance and coaching, a 5%-15% increase in up- and cross-sell revenue, a 10% increase in sales productivity, and faster time to close. With weekly game plans for salespeople presented in an intuitive interface, NAVIK SalesAI also helps companies achieve key success metrics, including higher win rates, increased lead quality, shorter ramp time for new hires, improved seller focus, and greater awareness of at-risk opportunities.

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“Absolutdata’s NAVIK SalesAI is unique because it goes beyond using AI and machine learning to provide insights and instead delivers actionable recommendations. This effectively turns the 80/20 rule on its head and transforms mid-performing salespeople into rock stars,” said Anil Kaul, Co-Founder and CEO of Absolutdata. “That’s a breakthrough in sales, but with all of the sales tech solutions flooding the market, it can be difficult for companies to find the right solution. We’re proud to be included in the Vendor Neutral Certified 100, which connects businesses with the right sales tech based on their needs.”

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