goPuff Tallies up How Football Fans Spent Their Time Watching The Big Game

Digital Retailer Reveals Post-Game Day Wrap-Up Insight into Fans’ Purchasing Power, Which Ads Scored Big and the Eyebrow-Raising Essentials Needed to Watch the Championship

For the second year in a row, goPuff, the digital convenience delivery retailer, released its Big Game insights on how football fans really spent their time watching the biggest game of the season. With all eyes on Tom Brady (for what felt like the 1,000th time), goPuff’s analysis of what went truly down couch-side through their app and website shares the scoop no broadcast on any major network has – from the party essentials they needed most to whether those $5 million ads were really worth it.

“goPuff scores every time we deliver moments that matter most to our customers across the country thanks to our ability to offer a killer combination of convenience and value from day till night and into the early hours of the morning”

Here’s a glimpse into how football fans across the country spent their game time (… but whether they’ll own up to their habits is a different story altogether):

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  • Commercials at Work:
    • Minutes after the Christina Applegate M&Ms Chocolate Bar ad aired, sales of the new product immediately saw a 10-fold sales lift and accounted for almost half of all M&M products ordered for the day. No need to separate them after all!
    • The real winner of the night, however, may be Dietz and Watson with their Dietz Nuts commercial. In the 90 minutes after the Craig Robinson commercial ran, goPuff saw a 97 percent increase in sales of the product ordered compared to the 90 minutes prior to the commercial airing.
    • It’s a tie! In the 90 minutes after each of their ads ran, both Coca-Cola and Pepsi saw exactly the same 15 percent sales lift.
    • Additional ads drove customer cravings after airing, as well. Pringles orders increased 23 percent, Planters went up 13 percent and Bubly bubbled up 20 percent after their respective spots aired, but the much-anticipated return of Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude didn’t do much for Stella Artois – the ad produced no additional sales of the beer during the game.
  • Both Teams Struggled to Score, but the Fans Sure Didn’t: With the first three quarters yielding few plays, fans turned to other means of entertainment. Orders of Durex Pleasure condoms, Glass Massagers, JO Warming Massage Glide, Trojan Lubricated condoms, Beginner’s Metal Handcuffs and Dual Motor G Kiss Vibrators tripled over an average Sunday.
  • Halftime Snooze: This year’s halftime show featuring Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi did not appear as captivating as last year’s show with Justin Timberlake, as users turned to their phones to stock up on snacks and beverages during the set. goPuff orders during the performance spiked 10 percent over the previous year.

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  • Super Sick Monday: The number one day to call-in sick may mean people are actually sick … or preparing to be sick. Over-the-counter products such a Mucinex SE Extended Release Tablets, Airborne Gummies and Motrin were up by almost 20 percent, and hangover helpers like Hydralyte and Rockstar Recovery Lemonade saw spikes as well.
  • Action (Six-) Packed: Nationwide, a quarter of all orders on game day included beer, wine or spirits, with alcohol consumption almost 30 percent higher than an average Sunday.
    • Boston fans enjoyed watching their team – and Brady – in the game for the eighth time by hanging out at home, with orders up by almost 50 percent year-over-year as they nervously munched in concern all the way into the fourth quarter, wondering if the Patriots were going to make a break for it.
    • Philadelphia fans – who enjoyed their beloved Birds in the game last year – took a more sober approach to the game this year. With an insatiable craving for snacks and ice cream, sales for both increased year over year, while 30 percent fewer people enjoyed a buzz, bitter about not becoming two-time champs.
  • Less Cals, More Fun: Fans partied healthier this year, realizing that their coma-inducing greasy food days are behind them. Healthier snacks and drinks with natural ingredients and fewer additives were ordered twice as much than in 2018, with goPuff seeing sales bumps for items like Garden of Eatin’ and Stacy’s Simply Naked chips, Smartwater and the advertised Bubly.
  • Snacks and Drinks Still Rule: Despite the rise in better-for-you snack orders, most-ordered items during the game were Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Nacho Cheese Doritos, Takis Fuego, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Mexican Coke and Gatorade.

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  • American Beer First: Fans expressed their love for all-things American as the top beers ordered Sunday were U.S.-based – Miller High Life and Miller Lite, Natural Light, Coors Light and Bud Light. In fact, those “Bud Knight” ads “killed it,” as more than 15 percent of all alcohol orders included a Budweiser product. Some likely ordered just in hopes the dragon would make the delivery (sorry, goPuff doesn’t hire dragon drivers … yet).
  • What You Really Need on Game Day: In addition to snacks, drinks and alcohol, fans stocked up on game day “essentials” such as Red Party Cups, Plastic Plates and Kingsford Matchlight Charcoal Briquets. That said, one of the top-selling non-food items of the day was Air Wick Pre-Poop Spray, because …

“goPuff scores every time we deliver moments that matter most to our customers across the country thanks to our ability to offer a killer combination of convenience and value from day till night and into the early hours of the morning,” said Rafael Ilishayev, goPuff co-founder. “During this year’s championship game, we see our customer as someone who wants what they want, when they want it, and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Founded in 2013 in Philadelphia, goPuff has quickly established itself as the fastest and most convenient delivery option in the marketplace. goPuff stocks more than 2,000 products in centrally located warehouses to deliver products directly to the customer. From snacks, ice cream, beverages and alcohol to household, personal care, and even pet products, the unique retail concept answers the call for consumers in need day or night.

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