LiveRamp’s David Yaffe Joins Jornaya Board of Directors

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Jornaya, the fast-growing consumer journey insights platform, announced the appointment of David Yaffe to the Company’s Board of Directors.

Yaffe, the Chief Operating Officer at LiveRamp, an Acxiom Corporation, joined the firm through the acquisition of Arbor where Yaffe was the co-founder and CEO. Yaffe built the Arbor technology platform to help publishers and app developers better understand and monetize their data assets. Prior to Arbor, Yaffe ran the product division for Invite Media, which was acquired by Google and became DoubleClick Bid manager, Google’s demand-side platform (DSP). Dave holds an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University in the City of New York.

Ross Shanken
Ross Shanken

Dave Yaffe has a wealth of experience with identity resolution data and technology. This experience has been applied to enable publishers to connect their data assets with brands to help CMOs expand from just lead-based marketing to people-based marketing,” said Ross Shanken, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jornaya.  “We are excited and confident that he will add great value to our Board of Directors and that Jornaya, our publisher and brand customers will benefit from his insights and counsel.”

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David Yaffe
David Yaffe

“I have always admired Jornaya for its innovative products and dynamic organization, and I’m honored to be joining their board,” said Yaffe, adding, “I have tremendous respect for Ross and the Jornaya team, and I look forward to working with Jornaya to help marketers unlock the full power of consumer journey insights.”

Jornaya is the consumer journey insight platform that provides publishers, marketers, analytics, and compliance professionals with the highest-resolution view of the consumer buying journey. It is the only technology platform that witnesses both first- and third-party consumer interactions in real time and across devices. Meeting consumers at these moments of intent enables businesses to shorten the distance between data, decision, and action. Jornaya’s Data as a Service (DaaS) solutions seamlessly integrate with any buyer journey decision process or toolkit.

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