NinthDecimal-Inscape Partnership Improves TV Measurement and Audience Intelligence Capabilities

NinthDecimal Expands Closed-Loop Planning & Measurement Capabilities Through Inscape Partnership

Today, NinthDecimal, the leading omni-channel marketing platform and Inscape, the leading provider of smart TV viewing data, announced a strategic partnership that will enhance NinthDecimal’s portfolio of TV measurement and audience solutions. The combination of Inscape’s 12M+ smart TVs with NinthDecimal’s consumer offline behavior from over 200M devices allow marketers to quantify the impact of their television advertising campaigns.“Incorporating smart TV viewing data is essential for true omni-channel and cross-device measurement,” said Ken Norcross, Director of Business Development for Inscape.

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At the time of this announcement, Brian Kilmer, SVP of Advanced Television at NinthDecimal., said, “The days of measuring TV ad effectiveness solely on reach and frequency metrics like GRPs are over,” said

Brian added, “As brands and agencies continue to test the effectiveness of different TV viewing experiences, it’s more important than ever for them to measure their campaigns against real business outcomes like foot traffic. Our partnership with Inscape is helping brands across every vertical make impactful media planning and buying decisions in real-time to drive the most valuable results.”

Ken added, “By marrying our data with NinthDecimal’s offline behavioral insights, marketers are able to access real-time reporting tied to the largest set of smart TV data in the US.”

While massive changes in how consumers watch TV are generating new marketing options for brands, the emergence of these new opportunities has created challenges in determining the best way to activate TV budgets. NinthDecimal and Inscape are working together to meet this challenge by helping marketers optimize their TV marketing budgets in the most effective way. Brands across retail, QSR, automotive as well as major TV networks are already using Inscape and NinthDecimal’s range of solutions to measure TV advertising with real business outcomes such as store visits.

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This includes:

Measuring the impact of foot traffic and incremental visits related to their TV buys in order to make optimization decisions.

Tying their most valued customers and their competitor’s customers to top indexing programming to plan their TV buys.

Measuring the effectiveness of different media combinations such as TV-only advertising versus TV and digital advertising.

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The emergence and growth of new TV advertising platforms are generating strong market demand for NinthDecimal’s TV business which grew 400% last year and will more than double in 2019. NinthDecimal has deep expertise in TV-to-offline attribution having measured its first Linear TV campaign with offline behavior more than 5 years ago.

Currently, NinthDecimal helps the world’s leading brands grow their customer base and revenues. By connecting offline behavior to what marketers already know about their customers, we are able to create a complete view of the customer. Whether acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers, or getting them to visit more and buy more, the 9D Marketing platform powers customized brand growth strategies through Audience, Insights, Measurement, and Media solutions, deployed across all marketing channels.

NinthDecimal’s AIM product suite is powered by its proprietary 9D engine, the largest real-time engine of consumer behavior. It’s fueled by more than 200 million US consumers seen in almost 10 billion locations per day.

Inscape is a TV intelligence company that captures highly accurate, up-to-date viewing data from millions of smart TVs. The company is a leading provider of automatic content recognition (ACR) technologies and comprehensive and comprehensive TV viewing analytics. Inscape’s TV audience viewing data is leveraged by OEMs, brands, agencies, networks, measurement companies, DMPs and marketing technology platforms to power massive transformations in the industry. Its glass-level insights bring a new level of speed, transparency and actionability to the global TV market place.

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