Amperity Expands Customer Data Functionality for Multiple Customer Views

Global Consumer Brands Such as GAP, Alaska Airlines, Wynn Las Vegas, and TGI Fridays Select Amperity as Their Customer Data Platform of Choice

Amperity, an Intelligent Customer Data Platform, has announced the general availability of their Databases functionality. Amperity now provides multiple views of the customer to marketers and analysts at global consumer brands. The company is also announcing new additions to its customer roster including leading companies like GAP Inc., Alaska Airlines, TGI Fridays, Wynn Las Vegas, the Seattle Sounders, Pacific Market International, and Stanley, among other top brands.

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Amperity now processes more than 14 billion records daily, making it the enterprise platform of choice for major global consumer brands.

At the time of this announcement, Kabir Shahani, CEO and founder of Amperity, said, “When we launched our product in September, we were already working with a small handful of great brands. These early adopters and visionaries understood the audacity of what we were building, and worked with us to help craft the best possible product.”

Kabir added, “Fast forward 6 months, they are achieving all the value we had hoped they would. And now, with our multiple databases capabilities, all our customers can take things to the next level.”

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Consumers today are looking for brands that can anticipate and meet their needs across in-person experiences, call centers, websites, and mobile apps. To succeed in this new era, brands are reinventing themselves by becoming more customer-centric and investing in tools and technologies that help them improve the omnichannel customer experience. There is one underlying asset that can act as a force multiplier across all personalization efforts: unified customer data.

Sherif Mityas, Chief Strategy Officer and CIO of TGI Fridays Inc., said, “One of our major areas of focus is using artificial intelligence to target individual customers and drive an increase in sales. Amperity is a key partner for us in this initiative.”

Sherif added, “Amperity is helping us sweep up data and resolve customer identities across digital touch-points like online ordering as well as on-premises dining experiences. We’re excited to be working with them in increasing customer engagement at Fridays.”

Amperity’s newly available Databases functionality helps brands build multiple, unified customer views, connecting rich data stores to form robust customer profiles at scale. This functionality helps customers avoid the false positives and negatives that are common in legacy customer data solutions.

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Amperity customers also have access to higher quality identity resolution with better match rates than are possible using legacy approaches. This is made possible via the platform’s advanced machine learning capabilities, a distributed infrastructure, and massive computing power at the scale of trillions of entries, to resolve customer identities, resulting in complete and precise customer 360 profiles.

“We dreamed that Amperity would help marketers and analysts unlock never-before-possible personalized marketing campaigns and customer experiences, continued Shahani.

CEO Kabir added, “The best part of our journey is getting to see our customers achieve success as individuals and as brands in a very short period of time. We are so grateful for their support and thrilled that they ended up on the right side of the bet in selecting Amperity.”

Currently, Amperity’s Intelligent Customer Data Platform empowering global consumer brands to create unique and personalized experiences by unlocking all their customer data. Using machine learning and massive computing power, Amperity stitches together all of a brand’s disparate data sources, forms complete customer profiles, and makes those profiles available to marketers and analysts.

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