Announcing Pathr, the Industry’s First AI-powered Spatial Intelligence Platform

Formerly Brain of the Store, the Silicon Valley-based spatial analytics provider launches disruptive new location data solution, company name, and web destination at, the industry’s first and only Machine Learning (ML) enabled Spatial Intelligence platform using anonymous location data to drive real-time business insights, announced its recent name change and official company launch.  Pathr™, formerly known as Brain of the Store, helps entities across vertical industries better understand how the movement of people and objects in and around an organization’s physical space directly impacts success.

Pathr’s proprietary “behavior engine” delivers valuable spatial analytics and customer behavior knowledge, derived from predictive algorithms and advanced data analysis.  The technology helps businesses and organizations promote deeper, more meaningful interactions with key constituents—by mapping and evaluating their physical movement through any number of locations or venues.  Because it operates in real time, Pathr has the ability to directly impact business outcomes as they occur, during the moments that matter most—for example, to influence an in-store customer sale.

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Using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI), Pathr turns previously unusable “raw” location data into actionable insights to help businesses grow revenue and increase customer engagement.  Because Pathr is agnostic to the source of location data it uses, it is able to ingest information from different types of sensing equipment, making it a true open platform.  Pathr utilizes all existing hardware—cameras, beacons, RFID and other tools—ensuring that users do not need to modify their infrastructure to take advantage of the platform.  Pathr software also connects that data to specific business use cases, which is unique within the industry.

Pathr’s software enables users to:

  • Determine optimal timing for employee-customer interactions
  • Create more targeted, higher quality “on-the-floor” exchanges
  • Increase top and bottom-line profits
  • Streamline operational efficiencies
  • Improve loss prevention/mitigate theft
  • Tap anonymous, private data intelligence
  • Support sales, marketing, communications and human resources channels

“Pathr is different from any other data analytics provider on the market today, and is the first to deliver advanced Spatial Intelligence,” said George Shaw, Pathr Founder and CEO.  “Pathr’s software has the potential to truly transform sales results and the quality of the on-site customer interface from the ‘ground floor’ up.  Our behavior engine enables businesses to assess and better manage the many interactions taking place within their physical environment through a whole new lens—and in real time.  Additionally, Pathr technology works across an organization’s entire physical eco-system, rendering game-changing revenue impact for multi-store, multi-location brands.”

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Ready made for retail

In commercial settings, Pathr offers brick-and-mortars a fresh approach to traditional shopper marketing.  The Pathr toolkit reveals critical information about store floor dynamics and customer browsing/buying behavior patterns previously unavailable to the industry.  Because Pathr is built as a fully integrated, robust technology “platform” versus an app, it delivers deep insights capable of solving a host of sales and logistical challenges.  The end result:  a more informed customer Path to Purchase, stronger closure rate, and overall increase in income-generation.

“Pathr is a serious new tool in the brick-and-mortar manager’s arsenal when it comes to maximizing in-store efficiencies,” said Ryan Parker, Chief Operations Officer for Pathr.  “The personal customer experience that shoppers receive at a physical retail location is an element of sales and marketing that online brands simply can’t replicate.  Pathr levels the playing field with e-commerce and enables retail managers to take full advantage of these 1:1 physical interactions.  For the first time, our spatial analytics platform matches location data to real business scenarios, offering retail brands a proven methodology for capturing greater share of customer.”

Privacy focused solution

While Pathr is geared to the customer side of the retail experience, the platform also improves loss prevention.  With Pathr, store managers now have a long-awaited, privacy-compliant tool to detect and stop theft before it happens.  Because it uses anonymous location-based data, Pathr tracks only the representation of a customer or object’s movement—displayed as a simple “dot” on a digital interface.  No personal information, socio-economic, demographic or individual visual data is ever captured, making Pathr the industry’s only 100% real-time, private spatial analytics platform.  According to the National Retail Federation, the U.S. retail industry loses approximately $46.8 billion annually from in-store inventory shrinkage.   Pathr offers a way to combat these mounting statistics—without any form of customer profiling.

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New “behavior engine” that works across verticals

While Pathr’s software is particularly valuable in the retail context, its behavior engine also benefits other verticals. Industries ideal for utilizing Pathr’s Machine Learning-enabled models include malls, casinos, sporting and entertainment venues, airports, factories, warehouse and even public spaces where the ability for management to properly understand in-venue traffic flow is essential.  Pathr’s algorithm sets can even offer valuable intelligence for the transportation space—analyzing how cars, buses, and trains interact with one another as they move about within a specific physical environment.

“Through the advanced use of spatial analytics, Pathr opens up an entirely new means for smart businesses to realize stronger profits and more effective operations,” said Ken Jackowitz, former Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Office Depot/CompuCom.  “The platform marks a paradigm shift in how organizations of all kinds will approach the spatial aspects of business management.  Pathr offers tremendous potential for any entity looking to achieve greater revenue upside and competitive advantage across their enterprise.  It’s also an example of Machine Learning protocols ‘in action’—changing the way we think about, and solve, fundamental challenges with fresh technology solutions.”

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