Smartling Announces New Integration with Yext to Translate Location Data

Smartling, the #1 rated translation management system by users on G2, announced a new translation integration with Yext, the Search Experience Cloud company. With this new integration, Smartling and Yext clients around the world can leverage Smartling’s translation automation, localization, language translation, and visual context solutions to simplify the complexity of scaling location data hosted in Yext into any language.

“In our global economy, it’s critical for businesses to provide official answers to all of their customers, wherever they are in the world and whichever language they speak,” said Tyler Donahue, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances at Yext. “We’re proud to introduce an integration with Smartling, the first scalable translation platform in our App Directory, to enable businesses to reach their customers at scale, in any language.”

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Businesses and organizations around the world use Yext as an enhanced search solution so they can provide official answers to consumer questions on their own websites and across third-party search engines, voice assistants, or other digital platforms. Business data is stored in the Yext Knowledge Graph, a brain-like database of structured facts, which allows for swift updates across site search (Yext Answers), third-party listings (Yext Listings), and local landing pages (Yext Pages). However, to effectively reach users in other markets, this content has to be translated quickly and accurately.

“Search is an incredibly important component of the buyer’s journey for any business in today’s digital world,” said Brian O’Reilly, Smartling’s Chief Revenue Officer. “People want, and in most cases need, to consume content in their native language. Smartling’s new integration with Yext makes it possible for their customers to easily integrate and scale content in the platform.”

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Smartling’s integration with Yext allows mutual clients to:

1. Scale search and answer content: Clients now benefit from an automated process for capturing and returning content for professional language translation, meaning they can easily scale their content into any language without the burden of copying and pasting strings.

2. Professional language translation: Clients now have access to Smartling’s professional translation service to centralize translation into a single vendor. Machine translation options are also available and the workflows are fully customizable.

3. Easily update content: As products and services change over time, businesses need to regularly update listing details and answers to frequently asked questions. Smartling’s integration makes it possible to continuously optimize content, leveraging a dedicated or shared translation memory to reduce cost exposure, and increase the speed of delivery.

“Bringing this product to the market right now is incredibly important considering the growth of search in the marketplace,” said Andrew Saxe, Smartling’s VP of Product. “This is a complex technology and content problem because the frequency of change is high as brands are continuously adjusting their offering, messaging, and product availability. We’re incredibly excited to get this product into the hands of our customers and welcome Yext customers to leverage our platform to translate their content.”

Smartling centralizes language translation across the enterprise, and these announcements exemplify how brands can most efficiently manage translation across content types and devices. Translation can be centrally managed with Smartling’s Enterprise Translation Cloud solution.

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