NinthDecimal Launches New Measurement Dashboard For Advanced Marketing Optimization

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Visit Metrics by NinthDecimal Complements its Attribution Metrics Which Calculate Incremental Store Visits and Incremental Lift in Visitation

NinthDecimal, the leading omnichannel marketing platform powering real-world conversions for brands, announced a major enhancement to its measurement platform with the addition of Visit Metrics. These new KPIs power advanced marketing optimization never before possible. Visit Metrics unlock vital insights into what is driving customer growth and customer acquisition. They sit side-by-side with NinthDecimal’s widely adopted Attribution Metrics within Location Conversion Index (LCI) to help CMOs make multimillion-dollar decisions on how to best allocate their marketing budget.

David Staas, President of NinthDecimal
David Staas

“Visit Metrics was built in direct response to CMOs, heads of research, and agency account teams telling us what they need to take foot traffic measurement to the next level,” said David Staas, president of NinthDecimal. “We’re excited to now be giving them faster data, solutions for smaller campaigns, and a unique understanding of what marketing spend is driving customer growth for their brand.”

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Visit Metrics provide store visit counts and visit rates by campaign. These metrics complement NinthDecimal’s Attribution Metrics which calculate incremental store visits and incremental lift in visitation. For example, a campaign with high Visit Metrics but low Attribution Metrics would indicate a high volume of existing customers are visiting. However, the results also reveal that current marketing tactics are not optimized toward driving visits from new customers or more visits from existing or lapsed customers.

The new Visit Metrics are delivered through an enhanced self-serve measurement dashboard. It provides marketers with faster access to data for near real-time campaign decision-making. The release also includes a 90 percent decrease in campaign impression requirements. The reduction allows NinthDecimal to offer all of its measurement capabilities to small and midsize campaigns, while still being able to support multibillion-impression campaigns. Marketers will also be able to continue using LCI to measure the business impact of their marketing spend by publisher, by audience targeted and by creative in order to more fully understand the effect of their marketing on customer growth.

Brands can apply these new LCI enhancements across all of their marketing campaigns including digital, mobile, print, TV, out-of-home and other media channels. NinthDecimal measures more than $500 million in media spend annually. It is integrated with more than 250 partners. LCI has been the marketing measurement platform of choice for leading brands, agencies and publishers since 2013.

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