Latest Martech Company for Social Media, Skorr is Now GDPR-Compliant

With Data Privacy a Priority, Skorr Redefines Social Media Influence Measurement, Empowers Individuals to Be More Effective On-Line

As General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance comes into effect across Europe this week, individuals active on social media are turning to Skorr for a safe, effective way to build and manage their online presence. Launched this month, Skorr gives users control of their digital presence by measuring, monitoring and verifying behavior to help them safely navigate social media channels and increase their influence and effectiveness. The news comes just days after Klout, an industry-standard social media measurement tool shut down.

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Lisbon-based Skorr aggregates and analyzes content across six major social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube. 

“In the era of fake followers, data privacy and influencer authenticity a tool like Skorr is more relevant now than ever before,” said Miguel Caeiro, CEO of Skorr.

Miguel added, “The positive response to the app so far, demonstrates the huge demand for a holistic view of an individual’s true online influence. This involves more than just numbers. Our app takes advantage of the latest AI and machine learning technologies to help users continually improve their effectiveness with social media and gain better insight into the true influence they have.”

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What Closing of Klout Means to Social Martech Audience

Until recently, Klout was largely seen as the industry standard for social media measurement, but with limitations. The tool was mainly based on who was most active on social media rather than who had an engaged, relevant audience. High scores were achieved by people who simply tweeted more or retweeted often.

The tool did not distinguish between “followers” and those being followed and had no regard for the content, number of “likes” or actual engagement. On top of this, Klout was developed long before the current data privacy regulations, making it unviable in today’s environment.

How Skorr Fits the Gap in Social Martech

Skorr, on the other hand, places a priority on data privacy as well as more insightful analytics of social media use. Developed largely in Europe during the GDPR era, it is 100% compliant with all regulations in this regard. In addition, it values positive emotions around a post and the AI-based scoring algorithms use 32 KPIs that take into account things like: the tone of language used; the type of content (including images and videos); the rate and speed of reactions to a post; valuation of users that follow as opposed to being followed.

Skorr’s real-time result is the most holistic and fact-based view and control of an individual’s influence, behavior and personality on social media available today.

Skorr is founded by a team of data science, marketing, and social media experts, and has several patent-pending innovations driving its app. Its investor and advisors include successful entrepreneurs and veterans from AI, telecoms media and marketing sectors.

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