180byTwo Launches Unifi an AI-Powered Customer Data and Identity Platform for B2B Marketers

Initial launch partners include Marketo an Adobe Company, Oracle Data Cloud, Linkedin, Lotame, The Trade Desk, and Pubmatic

180byTwo announced today the launch of its AI-powered Customer data and Identity platform to meet the growing needs of Business-to-Business marketers looking to simplify data work-flows and centralize their technology stacks. Developed off 180byTwo’s AccountLink™  B2B graph, AI, and DAAS solutions; the platform enables B2B and Account-Based Marketers to seamlessly execute and measure marketing programs.

“Since the inception of ABM, marketers have aspired to leverage their most important asset ‘customer data’ across traditional and digital marketing channels, and with Unifi marketers are finally able to execute against this strategy,” said Eric Shaffer, Founder, and CEO of 180byTwo. “Our mission in developing Unifi was to provide marketers with a suite of solutions, and technology partners to simplify and accelerate the orchestration of their omni-channel marketing programs and to drive meaningful, measurable and repeatable long term results. Although Account-Based Marketing has exploded over the past few years, companies have continued to struggle with fragmented point solutions putting further pressure on their resources and expertise, which is what Unifi is built to solve.”

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Unifi launch partners include Marketo an Adobe Company, Oracle Data Cloud, Linkedin, Lotame, The Trade Desk, and Pubmatic; Each of which provides important technologies in support of B2B marketer’s objectives.

“We continue to evolve and meet our client’s data and technology needs,” said Ben Goldman, CRO of 180byTwo. “Empowering our clients with Unifi gives them the ability to personalize their messaging to the right contacts and accounts across multiple channels when the timing is just right. Unifi is the answer to driving leads down the funnel.”

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The Unifi platform combines proprietary data matching, identity resolution, AI-powered predictive intent and analytics for B2B marketers, acting as a central hub and translations layers for their existing technology stacks. 180byTwo is collaborating with Merritt Group, Oracle Data Cloud, Pubmatic, Lotame, and Marketo an Adobe Company to deliver on this mission.

“We share 180byTwo’s vision of a unified Account-Based Marketing strategy,” said Shahed Ahmed, Senior Vice President & Partner at Merritt Group. Further stating, “Our clients are spending a tremendous amount of time and resources to implement an effective data-centric marketing strategy across marketing channels. The key ingredient of a unified marketing strategy is great data and technology; this is why we’ve partnered with 180byTwo.”

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