Global Automotive Leader Servco Increases Customer-Centricity with Amperity’s CDP Integrating Data Across Their Enterprise To Power Marketing Solutions and Customer Insights

Amperity helped Servco increase conversion on leads generated by 62%.

Amperity, the #1 enterprise customer data platform for consumer brands, today announced Servco Pacific Inc. (Servco), a leader in automotive products & services, has deployed Amperity to connect silo’d customer data across its businesses, create highly accurate 360-degree views of their customers and households, and get actionable business insights to better build customer trust.

With Amperity, Servco now brings teams together across its entire global portfolio leading to more personalized and effective business analytics and coordinated marketing campaigns.

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“Enabling brands to deliver on exceedingly high customer expectations has become even more important during the pandemic,” said Brian Goldfarb, chief marketing officer at Amperity. “Servco has unlocked a deeper, more actionable understanding of their customers with Amperity in record time, driving real bottom line results, and improved customer loyalty.”

Amperity’s leading customer data and identity platform has provided the customer data foundation that helps Servco centralize its customer in the center of all it does, enhancing the customer experience and driving incremental revenue. By using seamless integration between Amperity and it’s partner Tableau, Amperity empowers the business intelligence teams at Servco to move faster – getting more detailed questions about their customers answered instantly and delivering new marketing segments 140x faster than before Amperity. This has become particularly important during the pandemic, when the landscape is changing rapidly. With new dashboards to monitor the purchase path, the entire Servco enterprise now has their finger on the pulse of its business and the metrics that matter every day.

The automotive industry faces a particularly fragmentary data landscape, with critical but partial data siloed between car manufacturers, parts dealers, auto dealerships, regional marketing networks, and other stakeholders, making it a challenge for brands to maintain a consistent and seamless customer experience. This challenge is poised to only increase as car sales and service integrate more digital and online applications into the overall customer experience and establish more touchpoints in its omnichannel media mix.  In establishing a firm foundation for customer data, Servco is reaching beyond this fragmentation, taking control of its own relationship with their customers to ensure a new standard of excellence for service and more efficiency in the marketing and promotions that engage those customers.

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“Our data was duplicated across many systems, making it difficult to develop a 360 degree view of our customer and establish omni-channel relationships with them. Each business unit and dealership had its own version of the customer,” explained Peter Dooher, senior vice president of Digital Strategy at Servco. “Amperity has been a fantastic partner in our digital transformation, by putting a layer above everything, so that we could consistently get at our customer information, make sense of it and then action it in more meaningful ways that has improved customer engagement, our overall marketing results and has helped us accelerate our omnichannel growth.”

This 360-degree view of their customer allows the Servco marketing team to activate programs driven by insights and establish journey-based touchpoints such as a new prospect auto-responders, enhanced welcome campaigns and remarketing campaigns across sales and service.  In addition, highly personalized marketing programs can now be deployed at the click of a button to target critical customer moments such as cart abandonment, purchase, service, lease, and purchase anniversary. With the new enhancements to their marketing programs made possible with Amperity, the Servco team has seen more than a 36% increase in open rates, and 68% increase in click through rates.

Amperity 3.0 is the first comprehensive enterprise CDP for consumer brands with the scale, flexibility, and power to quickly help teams across the organization use data to serve their customers. As service companies like Servco adapt to a changing economy, Amperity has the power and flexibility to meet them where they are today and address their customer data challenges as they grow and evolve.

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