Infutor Launches ReachSmart Digital ID Audience Targeting

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Adding Digital Identities Improves Quality of Custom First Party Audiences for Social and Programmatic Marketing

As social media and digital programmatic strategies evolve with a sometimes competing emphasis on targeting and scale, Infutor, the consumer identity management expert, introduced its ReachSmart Digital ID solution to help marketers target more of the exact consumers they most want to reach. ReachSmart Digital ID adds multiple email addresses (digital identity markers) to consumer identities, helping increase custom first-party audience match rates for both social and programmatic display campaigns.

Gary Walter
Gary Walter

“On average, today’s consumers have three email addresses they utilize for account registration and communicating online. With ReachSmart Digital ID, marketers can now use all of the email identity markers linked to each customer or prospect to reach a 10-30+ percent larger digital audience,” said Gary Walter, president and CEO of Infutor. “ReachSmart Digital ID eliminates the need to maximize campaign scale by adding less-qualified consumers, and instead empowers marketers to increase the reach-ability of specific customers and prospects with the greatest propensity to convert.”

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ReachSmart Digital ID adds up to 10 email addresses to each first party customer and prospect record in a marketer’s CRM or CDP database. These digital identity markers greatly increase match rates and, therefore, the likelihood of reaching the consumers they most want to target. It also minimizes wasteful marketing spend to attain campaign scale. With the solution, marketers improve sales, maximize digital ROI and enable more effective omnichannel attribution.

In addition to ReachSmart Digital ID, Infutor also offers self-selection lookalike audiences for social and programmatic through its predictive Identity Marketplaces solution for Auto, Property, New Mover, Demographic and Lifestyle. By selecting profiles built from predictive attributes – such as In-Market Auto utilizing Infutor’s 30 years of consumer auto ownership data along with rich demographic and lifestyle attributes – marketers can identify audiences likely already considering a purchase or service and quickly create custom prospect audiences using a wide range of multiple email addresses.

ReachSmart Digital ID is the latest addition to Infutor’s consumer identity solutions including ID Max, ID Ver, TCPA Premium, and Identity Marketplaces. Infutor is a rising star in a dynamic industry, having been named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America three of the last four years and named to the Crain’s Top Places to Work in Chicago in 2018.

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