Adobe Magento BI Launches New Features

Adobe launched news features to its popular Magento Business Intelligence (MBI) on September 12. MBI is a Cloud-based Data Management and Visualization platform aimed at improving e-commerce operations. The platform has evolved over a decade into a feature-loaded behemoth.

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With the new upgradations, it now provides integrated, simpler dashboards and reporting tools for merchants to analyze the data and improve businesses. Magento helps enterprises to find answers to several pertinent questions like the right channel to cultivate valuable customers. Similarly, it gives a bird’s eye view into the retention rate trending. Additionally, the new features, let merchants visualize their data in a deeper manner. New features are yet another step aimed at cutting down on efforts and expenses to collect and analyze actionable data. This includes-

Dynamic Scatter and Bubble Charts

Adding more dimensions to the 10 existing visualization features, Magento Business Intelligence has launched scatter plots, scatter plots with a trend line and bubble charts. Bubble charts offer a third and fourth dimension to their visual data. Apart from the visualization of x and y values, you can also plot grouped z values. This will help merchants to better interpret, let’s say the number of customers from specific regions, age group, the revenue they bring.

Dynamic Scatter and Bubble Charts

Get Period Data Reports on E-Mail

The high volume of data to be analyzed, often become a hurdle to keep relevant parties within the organization in the loop. This affects their knowledge regarding performance metrics that are vital for them. The upgraded, e-mail summary feature can be scheduled to deliver visualizations, tables to people within their organization periodically. There is also a special Email Summary status page that helps administrators identify who received what report, when.

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Magento has become one of the most commonly used platforms of its kind. It was acquired by Adobe only last year. Customers consider it to be the best online store building software for mid to large retailers. Though initially many considered MBI to be complex, over the years it has evolved into an easy platform to use. It comes under the umbrella of Adobe Experience Cloud which makes use of Adobe Sensei’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to evolve into a world-class solution.

Magento’s Competitors

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