Privasee Offers Companies A Hands-Off Approach To The General Data Protection Regulation With Their GDPR Compliance Software

Privasee and their GDPR Compliance Software offers companies peace of mind by working in close collaboration with you to help create a custom GDPR policy that is automatically updated in line with any changes to the regulation.

Their innovative platform considers the current global landscape to ensure that your policy is compliant and has been utilised by hundreds of companies worldwide to transmit trust and protect their business.

This hands-off approach is uniquely tailored to your business, ready in minutes and perfectly caters for  SaaS and Fintech SMEs.

Never Worry About GDPR Again

Privasee’s GDPR Compliance Software is trusted by a range of renowned small and large companies, such as Stepex, Greenspark and Innoleaps, and provides them with a complete GDPR solution that requires no boring meetings, expensive fees, or in-depth prior knowledge of the regulation.

Comprising of 4 simple steps, their software expertly creates all the privacy documentation needethat is personalised for your company and uses auto-updates as the law changes, so that you never have to worry about GDPR again.

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These steps include:

  1. Add Your Company Info, Apps, and Tools

With just a few questions and a comprehensive scan of your website, Privasee’s GDPR Compliance Software will accurately identify your vendors, business activities and legal requirements.

  1. Generate Your Policies

Their platform will build tailored policies to meet your needs in less than 45 minutes without needing an expensive lawyer or re-using old templates.

  1. Add Them To Your Website

Add your newly generated policies and cookie banner to your website in just a few simple steps by pasting the code or adding a link.

  1. Keep Everything Up To Date

After you have used Privasee to set up your new GDPR policy, then you can simply forget about it, as the platform will ensure your policy receives automatic updates if the law changes and allows you to make any custom changes in just a couple of clicks.

Privasee’s software has all the essential features needed for your company to stay on top of your GDPR obligations. These include:

  • A Personal Data Inventory – This is where you will find all your data, vendors, and security measures conveniently stored in one place.
  • Self-Updating Policies – Easily share all your compliance information with customers, regulators, investors and more.
  • Multiple Languages – You can add multiple languages to your policy, and if you don’t see the language that you need, then you can contact the team at Privasee and request it.
  • Works With Third-Party Apps – Privasee’s software works with a number of leading apps, tools, and third-party applications, and if the one you need isn’t on their list, then they can help you get a compliant.

The team at Privasee understand the complications surrounding creating a compliant GDPR policy. That is why you will find a helpful GDPR Cheat Sheet section on their website that walks you through the essential information needed to understand the law.

Additionally, this section also contains a useful GDPR compliance checklist that shows you the best practices or the minimum set of steps that your company must take to ensure compliance with the law, such as the personal data categories you use, the sensitive personal data categories, your data subjects, and the purposes for which you use your collected data.

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